Aurascope: Extreme Aura Makeover

Aurascope: Extreme Aura Makeover

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Color, texture and design will help others see, feel and understand you as you want to be seen and heard. Showcase your personal strengths through color and design and you and others will feel welcome and comfortable.

Don't know what your aura color is? Click here to take the free, two question Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).

RED – Make sure you show your passion, strength and resourcefulness through the use of bold blocks of color. Use primary pallets of Yellow, Green and of course, Red in accent wall color and/or cushions on your furniture. Sturdy furniture of dark wood and/or leather will welcome trust and solidarity, adding a tall sculpture of Black Obsidian will say “I am empowered” to succeed and prosper. Black and Red will be your primary success colors that draw on luck and fame.

ORANGE – You may want to down play your risky nature and yet show your passion for adventure and strong emotion. Use bright colored frames of Red, and Green to showcase places and events you have attended with others – and make sure your bright smile is always in the center of any framed pictures – which will inspire conversation and positive connection. Choose furniture that is not overly stuffed – yet framed with some Black and Gold to inspire emotion and energy.

MAGENTA – You can either choose to downplay your boisterous, sometimes outrageous and socially inappropriate persona, or just say “what you see is what you get”. If you want outrageous – and that may appeal to some who are encouraging radical change – then go with your wild mix of multiple color and texture and experimental art form. If you want bright and different and “thinking out of the box” without frightening anyone, go with neutrals and small texture, and pale walls so just your magnetic personality stands out.

YELLOW – Your natural high energy, love and joy experiencing all the challenges of life and your ability to get along with others are simply enhanced by your choice of furniture, wall covering, and accessories. You will have a lot of everything; use neutral to yellow based colored, light weight furniture that can easily be moved to accommodate conversational areas, interactive objects to engage in conversation such as books, puzzles, games and nick knacks and always have a large supply of snacks and liquid beverages. You will become part of the team.

MENTAL/PHYSICAL TAN – You can show others your ability to plan, direct, and execute with perfection; you are a natural thinker and doer and it shows in your personal space. You will fill your home with functional, sturdy, but minimal amounts of furniture. Your walls may be filled with books and/or maps instead of traditional wall cover of paint or paper. You can add feelings of welcome and comfort to your home by using soft brown leathers and textures in your cushioned furniture and make sure you have lots of green plants which inspire a feeling of family orientation and good health.

You can naturally draw people to your home because of your community activism. You should showcase events, issues, and awards with bright colored frames that will become “talking” points for guests. Furniture should be light colored, textured and colored with light bright colors – Turquoise, Yellow and Green – to enhance a feeling of warmth and acceptance. Keep a door opened to an office area so others can see calendar, desk, computer, etc that shows your ability to organize.

GREEN – You love to showcase your home to others when it suits your needs; you will be a controlling, but perfect host and you will watch people for their reactions and hope they voice their approval of your design choices. You will choose the best of everything and often use the latest professional decorator to carry out your design wishes. Dark woods – mostly antique mixed with the most recent contemporary designs – will be covered with lush, expensive rich colors. Art will be hand picked and important conversational pieces. You will reinforce trust and success.

BLUE – You will want approval for your ideas and choices; your home will reflect family values, care and compassion for others. You will have “stuff” everywhere – and although your space will feel messy or disorganized to others – you will have a wonderful story to share about each piece of furniture, picture or book that is all consuming. Family pictures and slightly worn furniture (do not use any blue coloring on walls or floors or furniture – it will be too oppressive) will add to comfort and trust you emit to others; you are not selfish and only want to help others.

LAVENDER – You have so much creativity and will share that best by filling your home with lovely pastel colored furniture, art and accessories. You should have inviting, roomy, overstuffed furniture that can seat or recline people. You will choose soft, pastel fabrics in pinks, lavenders, grays and silver that shows your artistic nature. You may want some interactive moveable art that your guests can work and talk through – this will showcase your ability to be creative and future think. Watch your daydreaming and unfinished projects – hide those from view so that everyone just feels refreshed in your home.

You are bold and yet independent and protective of your space. You are a deep thinker and planner which should be reflected in your choice of design. Dark woods – well made, sometimes massive will suit your strong minded nature. Colors should include Scarlet Reds, Golds, Purples and Blacks that represent your will, independence, strength and bluntness. Others will know right where you stand. You usually exude confidence and trust which can easily be felt by others. Your floors will be covered with beautiful, often antique, rugs that will reflect your quiet persistence and fortitude.

Multiple groups will vie for your attention because your energy and success precedes you. No one will be disappointed when entering your home; in fact, they will be inspired to perform great achievements and have your input everywhere. Your home is your castle; it is regal with understated beauty of dark wood and antiques of old silver and gold. You use a wonderful blend of dark and light silk fabrics that envelop your guests with sensations of warmth, yet richness. Art may be a blend of old masterpieces or new modern important statements; you will recognize and appreciate the superior wisdom, knowledge and prosperity that envelops you and its impact on others.

You know how to showcase your intellect, independence and spirituality in your home that inspires great confidence by others in all of your abilities. You like clean, sharp lines in your decorating choices – you may use metals, both in furniture and art, mirrors, Lucite, White cloth for furniture covers and carpets – which sometimes may feel to sterile to others, but will feel clean, neat and orderly to you. Your guests will feel your power and intellect when you add Gold and Yellow accents to your White landscape. You really cannot soften who or what you are; you strive for the perfect space for clearing and healing.