A Sugary Show

A Sugary Show

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Cincinnati’s culinary community doesn’t just offer savory satisfaction, and pastry chef Megan Ketover proves it.


Ketover was featured last year on the Food Network in a "Cereal Bridges 2" challenge. Her Rice Krispies replica of the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge stood an impressive 4 feet tall. While she didn’t win the competition, she recently was commissioned by the city to recreate her re-creation for the celebration of the re-opening of the bridge.


In addition to another edible bridge, Cincinnatians can look forward to cheering on Ketover again on the Food Network. While the details of the competition are still under wraps, Ketover was able to share that it will be another sugar-focused sculpture competition. She films the show this month, and it will air sometime in early 2011.


Meanwhile, you can get a taste of Ketover’s treats at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza, where she was named the pastry chef this past July. One particular annual tradition at Orchids at Palm Court, located in the Netherland Plaza, spotlights Ketover’s works.


Every Saturday from Labor Day to Memorial Day, you can enjoy afternoon tea at Orchids. "That’s a great way to get a huge variety of desserts because just the pastries alone, I think it’s 14 different items, so you get scones and muffins and fruit bread and tarts and cookies and candies," Ketover says. "You get 14 different items and then you get all the tea sandwiches too."


One of Ketover’s favorite aspects of the afternoon tea is that all of the desserts come in petit four portions. "It’s usually two- to four-bite items for tea that you get, so being able to pack so much flavor into it, I like that, where it’s just a complete little package," she says.


To feast your eyes on Ketover’s work, you’ll want to be sure to check out the gingerbread village in the Netherland Plaza lobby. Coming out around Thanksgiving, this sweet creation features an edible Cincinnati. "It’s got all the popular Cincinnati buildings. It’s got Carew Tower and all the stadiums," she says.


For more information about grabbing some of Ketover’s pastries at Orchids, visit OrchidsatPalmCourt.com or call (513) 421-9100 to make reservations.



Photographer: Neysa Ruhl
Model: Megan Ketover
Location: Cincy Chic office