Aurascope: Dress for Success

Aurascope: Dress for Success

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Dressing for success is not about the wearing the right outfit for the right occasion – it is much more than that. It is about feeling successful, comfortable and confident. You want others to notice you, take you seriously, and you want to be heard and respected. There are specific colors, accessories and techniques you can use to harness the power of your aura and dress for success.

Don't know what your aura color is? Click here to take the free, two question Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).

RED – Show your inner power and highlight your problem solving skills by styling outfits in layers. Wear outfits that you can change up throughout the day by peeling off or mixing up layers. You are very active during the day so wear dynamic, stain-resistant and wrinkle resistant fabrics. Simple jewelry will work throughout your busy day. Your purse should be large enough to hold all necessities for the day and evening; remember to add that special splash of red to show your boldness.

ORANGE – You are full of passion, emotion and creativity, and your clothing should give you room to wave your arms around and express yourself physically. Wear light weight clothing that can stretch with you. Seek out clothing with lycra or performance material blends. You do not like to feel restricted in your clothing, so make sure everything is roomy. Shoes will need to be comfortable with lower heels since you run through the day, and accessories should include the tools of your trade and little else. Remember to add a splash of orange to showcase your passion and creativity.

MAGENTA – You sure can put together an outfit…people think that you are either totally out to lunch or will just be wowed by your choices. Stick with what makes you comfortable, and don’t worry about what other people thing. The thing for you to focus on is your jewelry. Your jewelry shows that you are serious. Invest in some dazzling pieces that will show you mean business and reflect your success. Think about Oprah – she wears some crazy outfits, but you can’t argue with 10 carats in each ear!

YELLOW – You are a clotheshorse and that makes it difficult for you to settle on an outfit. You have a tendency, however, to wear less clothing than is appropriate for the situation. Think about the event or situation, and pick clothing that will show your personality while making sure you are taken seriously. Gold, work at the neckline to enhance your throat chakra, will give you energy and stamina.. Amber, Citrine and Tiger Eye will enhance your creativity. Avoid silver at all costs – it will drain your energy.

Your appearance sometimes masks your abilities. You are absentminded when it comes to fashion, and you put comfort, durability and conservatism before style. Your ideas will be heard and you can command greater power if you make just a few incremental changes to your wardrobe. Seek out cream and off-white fabrics with rich textures, and layer them with tweeds and cashmere, knee length sweaters tied at the waist. If you don’t feel like layering just go with a clean, crisp button down shirt, and err on the side of simplicity and elegance.

I know you’re busy, but it is time you spruce up your unkempt look. You feel you don’t have time to dress for success, and you need to take the time and care to invest in yourself for a change. Neutrals, blues and blacks are great choices that can be mixed and matched without having to make too many decisions. You need to get out and buy some new shoes – get out to DSW or shop at and treat yourself to five new pairs of shoes. Add some turquoise, lapis or onyx to your jewelry collection to remain balanced and calm throughout the day.

GREEN –You have impeccable, elegant and very expensive taste, and you love a lot of everything! You indulge in the very latest styles and brand names. You feel each article of clothing, each accessory and every piece of jewelry is an extension of your success. The one area that you tend to overlook is handbags and purses. It is time for you to move up to premium brands such as Chanel, Valentino or Hermes.

You are a giver, and it is time to give yourself a fashion makeover. Invest in a few, very high quality pieces that will make you feel special every time you wear them. Reds, grays and blues will make you feel comfortable and protected. Jewelry should include sapphires, garnets, or moonstones at the neckline to highlight your face to show your true emotions. Try to keep your closet more orderly so that you can choose the appropriate style and color to fit your mood and purpose.

You love to follow the fashion trends, but in doing you tend to loose your sense of personal style. Pull your friends together and have them dress and accessorize you for the day. Have them pull together three or four outfits with shoes and accessories that reflect your true personality. Have them put together a few outfits for work that will help you to be heard and taken seriously. Don’t stop following the trends, but try to find consistency in your work environment so that you will be successful.

INDIGO – You know how to dress for every occasion, and you know how to select colors, fabrics and textures that will create a certain mood. Your play clothing even makes a statement about how you live your life. The biggest issue for you: organization. Sometimes you have an outfit in mind but you can’t locate the right shirt or accessory before it is time to go. Spend some time organizing your closet in order to dress for success!

You dress for success as naturally as you think and speak. You are always impeccable, elegant, and mostly traditional with color and style. Dark colored suits – blues, blacks, dark grays – paired with beautiful matching silk shirts are the mainstay of your wardrobe. You are certainly recognized by your special signature pieces that are never outdated and your heirloom jewelry. The big tip: shoes and handbags. It is time to refresh the shoe tree. I recommend, as soon as possible, a trip to New York or Chicago for a weekend of shopping.

Your idea of dressing for success to study others and copy how they choose to dress most appropriately for the occasion. You will take a great deal of time to analyze and choose the right look. The best type of clothing to showcase your intelligence and spirit is conservative with minimal decoration or color- black, white and grays are best when entering a power meeting or joining a new social group for the first time. These colors will allow you to step back and study the scene without drawing attention to yourself. If you are seeking a bit of flare, mix up your eyewear, and invest in some simple but elegant diamond and platinum jewelry.