Have Some Class

Have Some Class

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The weather is getting cooler, and it’s getting darker earlier. We tend to get inside more during this time. But just because it’s dark outside at six o’clock doesn’t mean the fun has to end.

Instead, use the cold fall and winter months to get out there, meet new people and learn some new skills. Our city has great opportunities to try something new, so give taking a class a whirl!

Her name was Lola. She was a showgirl…Actually, her name is Rhea, and she owns the CopaCabanna. Never heard of it? Well, you probably aren’t looking in the right place. The CopaCabanna is located in Cincinnati Mills (Entrance two, level two, to be exact). Rhea and her staff teach Ballroom, Swing, Salsa, Tango and Social Dance. They have group and private lessons. Prices and times vary according to class, but there is usually something going on every night of the week. And there are exciting plans in the works for young ones, as well as etiquette classes and the like. Check it all out at www.copacabanna.com.

However, if you’ve already conquered those, then you might want to travel to Egypt, or at least to Sharonville, and try another form of dance: belly dancing.

In an all-woman environment, you and your friends can learn the art of Belly Dancing at The Nile Gallery. There, the gallery features a private room that allows you to express yourself without worry of onlookers, as well as helps you get some exercise. The great thing about that is that no one is looking in, like they can (and do) at the gym. The Nile Gallery also teaches Mediterranean cooking, has a book club and hosts Girls Night Out parties. And speaking of…

Why don’t you and your girlfriends get together Dec. 14 at Crackpots Pottery on Montgomery Road? Co-Owner Helen Gentry is hosting a Girls Night Out where there will be food, a movie and a fun time painting your own pottery. Prices vary according to the piece(s) you choose to paint. This would definitely add your own personal touch to a Christmas present. Crackpots also offers classes during the week. “Technique Tuesdays” teach you different styles of painting and decorating; or for a very small fee, you can reserve time for a mini, one-on-one lesson with a knowledgeable Crack Pot! How fun it must be to work there!!

Another option in the “make-your-own” category would be to take a jewelry class at World of Beads. Located in Tri-County as well as Hyde Park, you can take classes in beading, long handknotting and even make bracelets using Swarovski Crystal. World of Beads offers parties, as well as private classes and bridal consultations.

Now, if you are going to get a consultation, you have two amazing opportunities here in this area. The first, instead of taking a class, is scheduling a private lesson with Jill Haney. Haney is an image consultant who will turn your look and style into more than you’ve ever thought possible. Find Haney at www.JHImage.net, and see what she can do for you. A session with her is fun, educational and enlightening.

And speaking of educational and enlightening, you have no idea what you don't know about make-up, but Jocelyn Sparks does. Sparks is the owner/creator of Zoë Custom Cosmetics. You can go to Sparks for a one-on-one make-up consultation or you can host her at your home where she will meet one on one with you and several of your girlfriends. They are called “Palette Parties,” and your night will be filled with makeup tips, demonstrations and time with Sparks to determine what makeup and style is right for you. Contact Jocelyn about all her services at www.zoecustomcosmetics.com.

So go explore, be creative and have fun! Remember to stay warm and stay classy!

Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Vicki Gianfagna (left), Regan Coomer (right)