Cincy Chic’s Favorite Things at Frisch’s Big Boy

Cincy Chic’s Favorite Things at Frisch’s Big Boy

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Every Wednesday, the Cincy Chic staff meets to discuss editorial topics and determine what we’ll be covering in an upcoming issue. For the past two years, we’ve been holding these meetings at the same day of the week, same time and same place.


I wanted to switch things up, energize my staff and get them fueled up with brain power to get the ideas flowing. So, I decided to hold the meeting off-site at Frisch’s Big Boy on Central Parkway. I figured everyone would find something they’d like there.


I couldn’t believe how excited everyone was when I said we’d have the meeting there. Everyone had a favorite thing they knew they would be ordering.


As I sat there waiting for everyone to arrive, I overheard staffers sharing their stories behind their favorites: "Tastes like my great grandma’s cole slaw… the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever tried, and believe me, I’ve tried plenty… I always crave their vegetable soup when the weather gets cold." It was funny, I never really hear people have these conversations at other restaurants.


Frisch’s is a client of ours, so I let Karen Maier, Frisch’s vice president of marketing, know the staff would be coming in. She offered to pop by and tell us a little about the business. She’s been there for more than three decades and wanted to share some interesting history with us.


She told us how drive-in restaurants evolved and now all Frisch’s Big Boy restaurants have drive-thru windows where you can order any item from the Frisch’s menu. She explained that you could order at the drive-thru or call ahead and pick it up at the window — without leaving your car.


Maier said that every Frisch’s Big Boy restaurant has a dedicated cook and prep station that serves the drive thru. Did you know every item is quickly prepared fresh to custom order? I didn’t!


But what struck me as the most interesting is how many fresh items there are on the menu that are made from scratch in the Frisch’s bakery and commissary near downtown Cincinnati.


"Making it ourselves means it’s going to be fresher," Maier said. "Using our own recipes for many of our items allows Frisch’s to use the best available quality ingredients without preservatives." That’s why you can’t buy things like their ranch dressing in a bottle. All the ingredients are fresh with no preservatives.


The staff and I really enjoyed the change of pace, trying some new things on the menu and, of course, enjoying our familiar favorites. Click on the webcast below as the Cincy Chic staffers share what their favorite things are at Frisch’s and why.

Editor’s Note: This is a special advertising section provided by Frisch’s Big Boy.

Videographer/Editor: Amy Storer-Scalia