Aurascope: Your Color Match

Aurascope: Your Color Match

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You are made of energy. That energy gives off an aura, and your aura color is a reflection of your personality. Every aura color, just like its corresponding personality, has a match that brings out its best and brightest qualities. I have indicated reason behind color matches in this week’s Aurascope. Now you just have to get your partner to take the test!

RED – You are well matched with Yellows, whose mental agility and powerful presence stimulate your senses, or with Greens, because they too want to live in the moment and seize opportunity. Both Yellows and Greens live for success and joy, and cherish loyalty and trust.

Your best color match is a Mental/Psychic Tan, or the combo of Mental/Physical Tan and Green. They are great at planning and managing, and they will free you up to just throw yourself into activities without having to worry about the details. They will respect and understand your need for the challenge and independence.

Your best color matches are either the playful Yellow or the financially successful Green. Yellows offer you playtime and joy; the only issue will be who will handle the difficult issues, as you both like to keep your hands clean. Greens will see your potential, respect your intellect and creativity, and help turn your dreams into reality.

YELLOW – You attract all colors because of your playful, joyful and extremely social personality, but your best color matches are Magentas, Mental/Physical Tans and Blues. Each color would bring planning skills, relationship building and empathy into your live. You love to solve problems, and these colors will help you manage your time and energy, and help you get the most out of life.

MENTAL/PHYSICAL TAN – Your best color match is a Red. Reds share your strong physical sense, and they will work with you to create a lasting emotional and physical bond.

Your best matches are Blues or Violets. Blues will truly satisfy your emotional and physical needs and create a calm environment for you. Violets will balance your gentle nature with their great intuition and commitment to helping others.

GREEN – You are easy to match fully, and you will have to pick and choose what is most important to you. You will match well psychically with Reds and Oranges, have a strong mental connection with Mental/Physical Tans, and you will be drawn emotionally to Violets and Lavenders. If you want a little bit of everything, partner with a Crystal.

BLUE – Your best matches are Blues or Loving/Nurturing Tans. You need a partner who shares your genuine warmth and compassion for people and causes. If you are a Blue Violet, you will match well with Violets.

You need a mate who is creative and who draws inspiration from your ideas. Magentas and Violets will get you, and they will help to strengthen your connection with family, friends and work.

Above all, you need total tolerance and acceptance of your uniqueness from your mate. Violets and Crystals are very loving, nurturing, accepting and loyal. You need to find a partner who will love you as you are, and who will stick with you through the good times and bad.

VIOLET – Your powerful, leadership style will require a mate who is supporting without being clingy or demanding. You need to be matched with someone who is as strong, independent and insightful as you, but at the same time is willing to put your ambitions above their own. You will find this type of match with Reds, Greens or other Violets.

CRYSTAL – You are an intelligent and logical perfectionist who needs a calming, loving mate who can inspire you yet give you the space and distance you need to work. Your best color matches are Indigos and Greens. Both colors will support your ambition, and help you to think through difficult issues. Greens and Indigos approach problems differently than you, and will help you to think outside the box.