Chic Spotlight: Author and Chef Amy Tobin

Chic Spotlight: Author and Chef Amy Tobin

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111907SPOTLIGHT.jpgCincy Chic Staff: Didn't you get your start as an interior design? How did you get so interested in cooking?
Amy Tobin: It's all got a common theme, really – creativity and pleasure! And I've loved food and cooking since I was a young girl, so it wasn't a sudden change of heart. Just a new opportunity to be creative.

Cincy Chic Staff: As if you didn't have enough to do with being a mom and having a radio show, contributing articles in local publications, and managing a cooking school …What inspired you to add a book into the mix?
Tobin: Insanity! No, really, it just seemed so natural. I've amassed hundreds of recipes from 13 years in the cooking school business. Many I've tweaked and tweaked until they are just perfect. And I knew what our students were looking for – easy, delicious food for family and friends. A book just seemed like the logical next step.

Cincy Chic Staff: We noticed that proceeds from book sales are going to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. What's your affinity to that organization?
Tobin: I lost my mother to breast cancer. My mom did so much for her community, charity and her family. I remember thinking I could never live up to the shoes she left to fill. I still can't, but I am inspired to do my best out of love, respect and admiration for my mom.

Cincy Chic  Staff: Any advice you'd give to someone wanting to write their own book?
Have fun with it. It's hard work, but I enjoyed every single moment of the creation of the book.

Cincy Chic Staff: What's your favorite recipe?
That depends on the day, my mood and my cravings! "Peaches in Wine" are a favorite because they sum up what I think a great recipe should be: Sophisticated, but approachable. Easy, but delicious.

Cincy Chic Staff: Where's your favorite place to eat in Cincinnati?
We have such a great wealth of wonderful restaurants and culinary talent in this city, so it's impossible to pick my favorite. But it's truly an exciting time – all of our independant restaraunts are setting the bar high and raising the level of food in our town!