Shop to Give

Shop to Give

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Buying that chic new sweater makes you feel good, and wearing it gives you more confidence. So wouldn’t it be even better if by buying that same sweater, you were able to make a donation to your favorite non-profit organization?


This seemingly too-good-to-be-true scenario is made a reality with the forward-thinking SocialVest.


So how does it work? Simply enroll a debit or credit card at Once the card is enrolled, any purchases you make at the more than 500 participating retailers will help you rack up money in your SocialVest Giving Account. As SocialVest is currently just in its soft launch with an official launch planned for January, it will continue to add more and more participating retailers to your socially conscious shopping list.


"So many other programs require consumers to kind of jump through hoops to validate and indicate what they’ve done and what they’ve earned, and in the case of SocialVest, you enroll, you register and you shop, and nothing else is required," Retail Division President Tom Wessling says.


Buying a book? Barnes & Noble gives you seven percent of your purchase total to donate, and if that book happens to be the Entertainment Book, puts a whopping 20 percent of your purchase total into your SocialVest Giving Account.


After you have some money in your account, you can start giving to your choice of the more than 1.5 million non-profit options. Whether you have one cent or $100 you can make that money count. "What we’ve seen in our experience over the last four to five months is that people tend to wait until they have around $5 before they begin donating, but there is no minimum," Wessling says.


Even small donations make a difference. For example, donating just $7 to World Vision allows one third-world family to receive an egg-laying duck, which can be a long-term source of both income and nutrition.


For a greater impact, SocialVest has partnered with Facebook Causes. Serving as Causes’ exclusive retail shopping partner, SocialVest has the power to reach the more than 20 million active users Causes has on a monthly basis. And as more non-profit organizations join Causes, the more charities you as a SocialVest member have to support.


For more information about SocialVest or to start the process by enrolling your cards, head to