Aurascope: Make Your Aura Color Blossom

Aurascope: Make Your Aura Color Blossom

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Flowers have a language of their own, and every flower color conveys a rich and meaningful story or thought about the color, the flower type and the intent to the person receiving the bouquet. A gift of flowers is always appropriate for a special someone or a special occasion, especially with the approaching holidays; each Aura color will be drawn to the personal message of the corresponding flowers.

RED – Red flowers convey energy and transform that energy into the essence of desire, strength and passionate love. Red symbolizes beauty, courage and heat, so sending or receiving a bouquet of Red Roses, Carnations or Tulips will inspire moments of passion, and declarations of love and trust.

ORANGE – There is nothing bashful about Orange blossoms, they symbolize energy, enthusiasm and warmth. An arrangement of Orange Asiatic Calla Lilies, Orange Roses, or hot Orange Gerberas will convey confidence, satisfaction and passion for life. Your message will be sent or received loud and clear.

MAGENTA – The air will sizzle and crack with passion and fun when a bright bouquet of Magenta colors is part of the environment. Deep Pink Camellias, deep Pink Carnations, Hyacinths and Roses will convey your constant happiness and fascination with life and love for everyone.

You cannot help but smile when surrounded with blossoms of sun drenched Yellow. Sending or receiving a bouquet of bright Daffodils, bright Sunflowers or Daisies will convey feelings of joy and lightheartedness. Poppies and Buttercups will empower self confidence which send a message of new friendships and happiness.

Every bouquet should include sturdy greens or natural woods which will evoke support, strength, truth and consistency. Practical plants and blossoms will include Acacia, Cactus, Amaryllis and Azalea that will convey pride, endurance of love, and constant attention to detail.

You will show your gentle, patient, kind nature when you send Alstroemeria plants or bouquets; these are plants and blossoms that are evergreen or nearly so, flowering most of the year and resembling miniature Lilies. They convey generous, quiet beauty and splendor, so receiving or sending will convey admiration and appreciation.

GREEN – Greenery is the perfect compliment to every bloom, and represents health, resilience, good fortune and compassion. Sending or receiving blossoms or plants with lots of green Fern, or Cattail, Money Tree plant, or Ivy will convey feelings of optimism, renewal, friendship, affection and success.

BLUE – Fresh floral arrangements filled with Blue flowers offers a cooling antidote to anxiousness, and worries. Sending or receiving a bouquet of Hydrangeas or Iris can calm your nerves and help move you to a more serene feeling of comfort and peace for yourself and others close to you.

Lavender represents grace and elegance and creativity. This color is often synonymous with femininity and holds almost a sacred place in nature – so Lavender blossoms received or sent will evoke beauty and genteel nature and can be found in Chrysanthemums, Roses, Lilacs or small greenery sprinkled with Lavender.

INDIGO – Your strength, independence and loyalty will best be showcased when you send or receive a balance of boldly colored blossoms complimented by shiny greens. Colors will include deep Red (almost Crimson) blossoms and bright Pink blossoms – your best choices will be Roses, Roses, or Roses.

VIOLET – There is only one color truly representative of your dignity, pride and success – Purple. Flowers or bouquets can be grouped alone (one type of flower) or mixed with other shades of Purple to provide depth and contrast. You should send or receive Violets, Dahlias, Orchids, Roses and Peonies conveying your accomplishments.

White blossoms or bouquets are associated with innocence, humility, reverence and simple beauty. You should send or receive luxurious, silky petals of fragrant Gardenia, Rose, or Lily of the Valley to convey or feel oneness and unity with life and love around you.