Chic Spotlight: Pure Romance’s Tisa Powell

Chic Spotlight: Pure Romance’s Tisa Powell

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Cincy Chic: How did you get into the career you are in now?

Tisa Powell: I went to a Pure Romance Party about four years ago and after the party, all of my friends said that I had the personality for this line of work. I already had quite a few Pure Romance products and I thought, "Hey, this could be fun and profitable." Over the next couple of years, I kept in contact with the consultant who did my party; I did my research on other companies before finally deciding to join the Pure Romance family. It took me three years before finally signing on to become a Pure Romance Consultant and I love it!


Cincy Chic: Do you find Cincinnati's notorious conservativeness to be an issue?
Powell: I personally have not run into any problems in regards to Cincinnati’s conservativeness. Pure Romance strives to raise the bar on perceptions surrounding relationship enrichment. A Pure Romance party setting creates a fun, yet educationally enriched environment where women can feel safe to explore all the things your mother never told you about in regards to sex and romance. Our naughty, but tasteful products, along with a comfortable atmosphere makes it clear that women are willing to invest in their own well-being – with or without a partner. A lot of my customers are thrilled when I tell them about The Patty Brisben Foundation and our affiliation with Indiana University. Pure Romance continues to improve the quality of sexual health and awareness for women and couples everywhere.

Cincy Chic: How has your business grown since you've started and what tips/techniques to you attribute to that?

Powell: My business has grown due to my constant networking. I have a very outgoing and fun personality. This makes it easy for me to get out there and spread the word about Pure Romance and my business. I surf the Internet everyday for events that are going on in Cincinnati or neighboring cities. In addition, I read various publications. Through the events that I participate in and functions that I attend, I have made some great connections. Following up with those connections is crucial to my continued success, as well.


Cincy Chic: Do we dare to ask…what's your favorite Pure Romance product?

Powell: There are so many Pure Romance Products, I can’t choose just one. My favorite three Pure Romance products are Basic Instinct (Sexual Attractant), the Hot Heart Massager used with the Burning Desire (a natural soy massage candle), which provide the ultimate massage!

Cincy Chic: What's the best thing about your job as a Pure Romance Rep?

Powell: I love being a Pure Romance Consultant! I get paid to party. I run my own business, which gives me the chance to break free from "Corporate America." Being a Pure Romance consultant puts me in a position to give. It’s empowered me. It also allows me the flexibility in my life to keep me and my family happy.

In addition, I am thrilled to give women advice on a range of issues such as boosting sexual confidence, discovering self-empowerment through sexual awareness and learning how to put a spark back into lifeless relationships. I have had many women thank me for the educational information that I provide them during a party. I feel good about being a Pure Romance Consultant. When a woman thanks me, it makes it all worth it.