Five Insider Tips for Party Planning Success

Five Insider Tips for Party Planning Success

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Party In A Package is a social butterfly’s dream.


Founded by Michele Wiener, the Cincinnati-based company has been the purveyor of special events for the past 15 years. The folks at Party In A Package assist with a wide range of events, including holiday parties, bridal showers, children- and adult-themed parties and customized weddings.


With all this event planning experience, she has a few words of advice if you’re planning a holiday ho-ho-ho-down this year. Wiener says these are the top five things you need to keep in mind when planning your own event:

  1. Determine type of event you are hosting.
  2. Set the goals you are looking to accomplish.
  3. Who is your target audience.
  4. Set the date, time and location of your event.
  5. How will you utilize your space to create the vision.


If you’d rather leave the event planning to Wiener, she says all her clients must have one thing in common: Be ready to120108INSTORY_SIEGEL.gif have an occasion to rememeber. “Being creative allows me to produce the company party with fabulous decor or the wedding that has style and class,” she says.


That creativity was put to use for a recent client. “I had to design a Bar Mitzvah around a ‘mad scientist theme,'” she says. “It was so much fun.”


The decor was as wacky as the theme sounds. For centerpieces, Wiener used orange and green applesauce, test tubes and glass filled with various liquids to create a sense of a laboratory gone wrong.


Another thing all her clients have in common: reduced stress levels. Wiener is actually a former Registered Nurse, so if you start to hyperventilate, she is trained to know how to calm you down. But her event planning and organizational skills are what will really calm your pre-party jitters.


Nervous brides-to-be can find comfort in wedding packages, including hourly planning to full-service coordinating and designing and even a la carte services. Busy executives turn to Wiener’s services to plan and execute sales meetings, to make reservations, to plan menus, and to arrange printing and entertainment.


“We take the steps of planning in an organized fashion within a projected time frame,” she says. “Planning any event takes a plan, and with timely execution, stress is usually reduced.” This includes keeping the bride up-to-date on her planning schedule and seeing that the corporate client is at ease.


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