Aurascope: Find out Fluffy’s Aura Color!

Aurascope: Find out Fluffy’s Aura Color!

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There is no mistake about how we choose our pets – our color energies blend with those of our pets to maximize both our objectives and our hearts. We can create better understanding, harmony and love with our pets when we look for and choose a pet that fits our needs and characteristics of our own Aura colors.


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RED – Your pet should share your physical vitality and strength; your pet will love to be outside rolling, hunting, chasing and chewing. Your pet will be vocal with purrs, growls, barks and howls and will be a workhorse for you in order to please you. You will have a loyal companion for many years.

ORANGE – You should choose a pet that will enjoy a lot of space and enjoy the outdoors. You will love to include your pet in outdoor activities including hunting, climbing, hiking and running. Your pet will not like to be “caged”, so make sure you give your pet room to roam, engage in creative activities and be independent.

MAGENTA – Your pet will want to have a lot of activity surrounding their life; they will like lots of brightly colored large toys that they can toss and throw and chew. Your pet will love to run and jump beside you and will love to spend endless hours basking in the sunlight and surrounded by a lot of greenery.

YELLOW – You will be the happiest having pets around you that are extremely animated – they will actually mimic your voice and actions. Your pet should be bright and energetic and ready to learn a new trick or command; but, don’t be surprised when your pet will forget that trick or command – they will have a short attention span.

MENTAL/PHYSICAL TAN – Make sure your choice of pets have great use of all of their senses – they will want to sniff, sit up and listen, engage in talk with you, and yes, even walk and sleep very close to you so that they do not miss an opportunity to work, play or rest for you. They will be dedicated companions.

LOVING/NURTURING TAN – Your pets will want to love and be loved as much as you. They will want to “hang” with family and friends at your feet or by your side, and look at you often with loving eyes. Your pets will love extra treats for being so obedient.

GREEN – Just like you, your pet will be very bright and alert and will demonstrate a lot of love and attention towards you. Your pet will love to spend hours preening, licking or sniffing at its body or at a favorite chew toy. Your pet will shower you with unconditional love; but be careful, this can border on jealousy of others coming near you.

You should choose a pet with great sensitivity to you and others – your pet will love to snuggle close with favorite toys and/or some clothing or yours. Your pet will need bedding with your scent near to you. Your pet will be attentive to your every mood, feeling and words and will look for your vocal approval.

LAVENDER – You will need to choose a pet that can move about and be as flexible as you are in your life. Most pets do not adapt well to change, but you will have to find a pet that can travel well, sleep anywhere and not be attached to toys or bedding. It will be best for you to choose a smaller size pet that can almost fit in a large handbag for daily trips.

INDIGO – Your pet should be very intuitive to your needs, and will sense when you are ready to go somewhere or when it is time for eating or sleeping. Indigo pets may need to be on special food or diets due to allergies; they love to be pampered and respond with great attention and loyalty.

You should choose a pet that will learn and remember tasks with ease, and enjoys performing for you and others. Your pet will even enjoy engaging in “healing” activities such as being a “seeing eye” pet or in a nursing or community center environment. Your pet instinctively knows your desires.

CRYSTAL – You will choose a pet that can become highly skilled at tricks and commands; your bet will be extremely obedient and quick. Your pet will want to be rewarded for performances and will willingly repeat tricks until vocally or physically commended. A Crystal pet will be instinctive, protective and loyal.