Chic Spotlight: Richter and Phillips’ Carol Ryan

Chic Spotlight: Richter and Phillips’ Carol Ryan

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Cincy Chic: How did you become involved with Richter & Phillips?

Carol Ryan: I actually answered a “help wanted ad” in the Enquirer. My husband and I decided long ago that I would stay home and raise our children. When my son was 13, I felt it was time to go back to work. It started out as in a part-time sales position and now I work full time doing the advertising and marketing for the store. Sales is also an important part of my job, and something I really enjoy.


Cincy Chic: What do you like about working with jewelry?

Ryan: How could you not like working with jewelry? There are so many beautiful pieces in the store and buying jewelry is an event that makes people happy. Whether it is a man choosing something for his wife’s birthday or a woman shopping for a gift for a co-worker, we are there to find a gift that is going to make someone smile.


Cincy Chic: What are some of the other services/products you offer that people might not be aware of?

Ryan: Richter and Phillips offers a number of services other that jewelry sales. We have two repair departments, watch and jewelry repair. These are an enormous part of our business. Jewelry appraisal for insurance purposes or for estates is another significant part of our daily business. It is important to trust the people who are working on your Rolex watch or your diamond ring. Having been in Cincinnati since 1896, people know they can trust us to take care of the pieces they treasure.


Cincy Chic: What’s your most “indulgent” item in the store?

0208GIBBERMAN.gifRyan: Some would say that all of the pieces in the store are indulgent, especially in these economic times. An 18 karat white gold Rolex Daytona or a 5 karat canary yellow diamond ring would definitely be classified as indulgent! There are so many beautiful things and we pride ourselves on having pieces in the store that will fit most budgets, but no one really “needs” the things we sell. Jewelry and watches are extras, special things in which everyone likes to periodically indulge. When someone buys you a beautiful piece of jewelry or a nice watch you feel special. That is what it is all about!


Cincy Chic: Any gift recommendations for women? Men?

Ryan: Gifts for men are more complicated than gifts for women. Watches top the list for men, although cufflinks and writing instruments are fun things to give the guys. Women are so much easier because we love to have fun things to wear. Pandora bracelets are hot items this year, you can do so many different things with the charms and they are very affordable.


Cincy Chic: What’s your favorite item in the store?

Ryan: It is difficult to pick a favorite item. I am a diamond girl and there are so many things to choose from. As soon as I have my eye on an item, it seems something new comes in and catches my attention. If I have to choose one thing, it would be a diamond bracelet by Gregg Ruth, an unbelievable jewelry designer!


Cincy Chic: We are excited about partnering with you for the “The Red Carpet Wish List Night” on 12/10 ! What are you looking forward to about the event? What makes it “indulgent?” What about the charity that proceeds will go to?

Ryan: We are very excited about this event. Not only are we hosting a night on the town for the ladies in the area, but it will benefit Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. I know everyone will have a great time trying on jewelry, drinking champagne and enjoying their girlfriends.0708DEGROOT_FASHION.gif

Having a Christmas wish list makes it so nice for the man in your life, he can come into the store and know that you will love the present he puts under the tree this year. Indulge yourself and help Children’s at the same time. We know Christmas means more than just gifts under the tree and we are always working to make things a little better for those who are having a difficult time, This event will enable Richter and Phillips, with the help of Cincy Chic, to make the holidays a little brighter for families with ill children!


Cincy Chic: What do you consider “indulgent?”

Ryan: One thing I love to indulge in is a pedicure and dinner with my daughters. An indulgence is something that is special, a little selfish and over the top! I am blessed to have two wonderful daughters that I don’t get to spend enough time with. So, when we all have time, we treat ourselves to something special, wine, dinner and dessert! That is my favorite indulgence!


Cincy Chic: Any advice for people who are first-time buyers of “investment jewelry” and hesitant to buy more expensive jewelry?

Ryan: When you are investing in a diamond or an expensive watch the most important thing is to find a jeweler you can trust. Buying a diamond engagement ring is one of the biggest decisions a man will make and it is so important to do your research and make sure you are making an informed, intelligent decision. The gemologists at Richter and Phillips spend the better part of their day educating customers about diamonds. The Fehr family has owned this business since 1896. They wouldn’t be as successful as they are if they didn’t take the time to do thing right. So, my advice to anyone making a big jewelry purchase is to do your research and know that you are buying from a reputable business.


Cincy Chic: What is the trend of Cincinnati women, when it comes to buying jewelry?

Ryan: Cincinnati is a very conservative city and women who live here love the classics when it comes to jewelry. Diamond stud earrings, a diamond necklace, a beautiful right hand ring; they are all things that we’d like to have in our jewelry box. Pearl strands and pearl stud earrings are also a staple. Ladies do like to have some fun pieces to wear, but we all need the basics.


Cincy Chic: What is your favorite thing about Cincinnati?

Ryan: Cincinnati is such a small town. You can have a conversation with a perfect stranger and know that before long you will realize that you have mutual friends. It’s great! And I love Graeter’s ice cream!


Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography

Location: The McAlpin
Makeup Artistry: Trina Paul

Hair Styling: Liz Carter of Rustic Pear Hair Designs