Aurascope: Your Aura’s Guide to Gift-Giving

Aurascope: Your Aura’s Guide to Gift-Giving

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If you have not had an aura reading, first click here to take the free, two question Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).

RED – You will enjoy receiving gifts that will require the use of your physical strength, and stamina. You need the challenge of putting together high tech appliances, games, puzzles, or environmental projects that will be pleasing to your eye and fun to touch and move. Anything that is practical will also be appreciated.

ORANGE – You are not shy about sharing your passion for adventure and physical challenges. You will appreciate receiving the latest clothing or gadget associated with your favorite outdoor activity or next planned trip. You will want to receive the very best equipment and outfitting for your sport, so let people know what is on your “wish list”.

Big, bold, colorful and whimsical will please all of your senses. You like gifts that are very creative and “one of a kind”. Holiday Bazaars, Art galleries, and boutiques will offer a wide variety of unique gifts for your tastes. Gifts for you could also include moveable parts or sparkle and glitter that will catch and hold your interest.

YELLOW – You love to both entertain and be entertained by others. Gifts could include tickets to a movie or live show, dinner out with a group of friends, or a gift certificate for spa days including “sunning” for that extra glow. You need to be with your friends, and loved ones and will appreciate gifts that do not exclude anyone.

You probably already have your gift “wish list” assembled and posted for others to see. If not, vocalize your wishes; you give a lot of thought to exactly what you want. Pleasing gifts for you would include gift certificates to a book store, museum store and/ or to an outdoor store for adding inventory for your favorite hobby.

Your friends, family and/or lover know how community oriented you are. You will be very appreciative receiving donations to your favorite organization or charity in your honor. You will also enjoy receiving a gift certificate that entitles you to go to a dinner or outing that will benefit a favorite community program.

GREEN – You really like the best of everything that money can buy; your friends and loved ones know how difficult it is to choose a gift for you. Gift choices should include gift cards to high quality boutiques or frequented restaurants, or, go out and purchase the best bottle of wine, champagne or candy that you can afford.

Your sensitive, loving, giving personality is very apparent to friends and loved ones. You would love to receive gifts of framed photographs of your special friends, family or pets that will serve as lasting memories around you. You also love knick knack gifts that are very personal reminders of a friendship or love.

LAVENDER – You love to relax your body and mind and be engulfed in thoughts of fantasy; the best type of gifts for you will include bath salts, gels, lotions and candles that create a mood shift. You will also enjoy receiving gift certificates to a spa or to your favorite hair dresser and manicurist. You like to be soothed and pampered.

You are powerful, self-confident and yet, need space and freedom. It is really difficult to gift you as you are a better “giver” than receiver. Gifts should be well thought out for you – a loved one must really understand your habits – choices could include book certificates or spa visits where you can be alone with your inner thoughts.

VIOLET – You are highly successful, giving and always busy. Your loved ones and friends should gift you with a special outing event that will relax your mind, body and soul. You will also want a gift to be highly personalized to your tastes – no generic gifts for you. You will enjoy receiving monogrammed gifts – small or large.

CRYSTAL – You are a reader, thinker, and have a strong spiritual and healing nature. Gift certificates to a book store will be greatly appreciated. You may also enjoy receiving crystals, candles, angels and other religious or healing gifts from a Metaphysical store. You will also appreciate donations made in your name to healing charities.