The Art of Celebrating New Year’s Eve

The Art of Celebrating New Year’s Eve

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Throw the ultimate party, and they will come. That’s the philosophy behind Justin Buckner and Nate Moster’s New Year’s Eve party.


Young professionals Buckner and Moster were tired of the trite New Year’s Eve bar scene and yearned for an alternative for the 20- and 30-something crowd. As members of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s HYPE (Harnessing Young Professional Energy) Ambassador Program, they want to connect young professionals new to the city with those who have been here for a while. A social event targeting this demographic seemed like a great fit for the organization, and soon there was talk of playing host to a party, with one stipulation. It had to be downtown.


“It was all about the location,” Buckner says.


Planning began earlier this fall when Buckner and his wife, Shawnta, drove downtown one Sunday. The Contemporary Arts Center stuck out as a possible venue because of its “contemporary feel,” Buckner says. After some research, Buckner found out the museum offered all the necessary amenities, like a bar and dance floor, but was lacking a holiday party. It was a “go.”


Before long, Buckner was in talks with the museum’s event coordinator to set up the details for the big night.


“The museum is a great spot with a city vibe,” he says about the venue choice.


Buckner says the party is his brainchild, though he found inspiration in the annual Jekyll & Hyde’s New Year’s Eve Party. In general, he envisions a party of acquaintances in a “great environment.” More specifically, the concept calls for appetizers, an open bar music and plenty of dancing in a classy setting.0208GIBBERMAN.gif


But with any party, there are limits. Buckner says the party is not exclusive per se, but he wants to limit it to 200 guests. Those invited will receive an e-vite from the party planners.


Tickets, $35 each, must be purchased in advance through PayPal.


If things go well, the party could become an annual tradition, Buckner says. Regardless of the venue, he wants to remain actively involved in the planning.


“There are so many great spaces in Cincinnati,” he says. “I wanted to take initiative and get involved.”


Cincinnati has much to offer young professionals, and Bucker wants to accentuate the city’s strong points.


“Depending on what you like to do, Cincinnati has a little something for everyone,” he says. “Dining, bars, arts, sports, dancing, etc. — you can find a little something everywhere. As a young person in Cincinnati, you have the accessibility to all of these things. Big city amenities without the big city hassles.”


The festivities will take place from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. at the Contemporary Arts Center, 44 East Sixth St.


Editor’s note: since last week, the party is already sold out, with 225 people expected!


Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography

Location: The McAlpin