Bringing Sexy Back to Being Single on New Year’s

Bringing Sexy Back to Being Single on New Year’s

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Who says you need to be in a couple to ring in the new year? In fact, there are lots of reasons why facing midnight unattached could be the very best way to celebrate. Here are a few:

Embrace the Unexpected
There's something delicious about the possibility that at midnight you could kiss anyone.

More "Friend Time"
Being women, we all know that the one thing we cannot ever live without are our dearest friends. So, as these holidays come into play, remember your friends. From the friends that have been there since day one to the new ones you're excited to get to know more. Invite them to do something special. feminine and memorable this New Year's. Once you're attached in the future, you'll look back at those memories with great fondness because there's no way your future Mr. Right will fill his New Year's Eve with manicures, chick flicks and formal wear.

No Baby-sitting Duties
Nothing rings in the new year with discord like a date who drinks too much, or wants to stay four hours longer than you do.

Helping Hands
While everyone is hustling and bustling to get their family schedules together, you can be like a breath of fresh air for your coupled friends. If they need an ear to fill with in-law woes, or they need an extra two hands in the kitchen. Giving that time to them will in turn help fill your heart with gladness. Being there for your friends during the holidays is one of the best ways to spread some solo holiday spirit. Plus, just imagine all the extra goodies you might come across (mmmm, chocolate). So go out and lend a helping hand for your friends this holiday season and bring some smiles to those who have helped you throughout the years.

Be Adventurous
Now being solo isn't like this horrible brand you have been stamped with that you must wear with slouching shoulders and a frown. Embrace your solitude. After helping your friends create a wondrous holiday memory, go out and take on a new adventure. We have that luxury, being solo and all, that the "coupled" do not get to embark on. Just like being there for your friends, make sure you are there for yourself as well. Do something out of the ordinary. Escape from the day-to-day monotony. Get a massage. Paint a room a bright new color. Dye your hair. Buy a fabulous new outfit online. Take your dog on a weekend adventure to Hocking Hills.

Spending the holidays solo is all in how you decide to do it. You can spend it alone in front of the TV with a box of cheese nips and eggnog, moping about your solitude or you can acknowledge the beauty of it and go out and spread your holiday solo happiness with the world!

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