Serving the Inn Crowd

Serving the Inn Crowd

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The Anna Louise Inn has provided local low-income women safe, affordable housing for more than 100 years. And it’s women like our 2010 Social Woman of the Year who make it all possible.


Anna Louise Inn Director Robin Stanley started working from the bottom up at the organization. She first came on as a housekeeper before she was promoted to being a family advocate. Then she became the house manager, then the director of maintenance and housekeeping, and finally, she became the director of the Anna Louise Inn.


Working her way up through the organization allowed Stanley to see the processes and needs of the individual parts of the organization. Now, as the director, Stanley has a better grasp on overseeing everything.


Stanley supervises the maintenance and housekeeping staffs as well as the cook and receptionist. She also stays in contact with the case management for the guests at the inn and helps work with the guests and their case managers to be sure they have what they need.


Beyond the administrative work that is typical for a director position, Stanley also gets her hands dirty on the job. She is in charge of all building repairs, so she has done everything from painting rooms to putting in electrical fixtures and keeping the boiler in check. Currently, the Anna Louise Inn is under construction, so Stanley communicates and works with the contractors and engineers to make sure the job is done well.


Stanley also makes it her job to be a welcoming, non-judgmental person for the guests to lean on. And she says it is the women who keep her going back to work each day. "It is all about the women, and before I got there, I had never seen how life could treat you, how rough it can be until I get there," Stanley says.


While Stanley is friendly with the Inn guests, she also knows when to put her foot down. "I am the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, but when I need to be firm-handed, I am firm-handed — and the women respect that," Stanley says.


For more information about Stanley and the Anna Louise Inn, check out the inn’s Web site. Right now, the inn is not accepting any new applications, as they renovate the historic building.




Photo courtesy of the Robin Stanley