A Sky-High Social Life

A Sky-High Social Life

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Joe Nesbitt and Aubrey Caldwell, avid skydivers from the Middletown-based Start Skydiving dropzone

Most of Joe Nesbitt’s closest friendships were formed
13,000 feet high while plummeting down at 115 mph.


This 27-year-old Ft. Thomas resident is one of 150 "regulars" at the Middletown-based Start Skydiving dropzone. "There are a few other dropzones, one in Xenia, and one in Lebanon," Nesbitt says, "but we are the biggest and have the nicest facilities and aircraft, as well as the utmost experienced staff."


This group is also unique because of its male-to-female ratio. Typically, Nesbitt says, skydiving groups are 80% men and 20% women, but the Start Skydiving dropzone has an even 50/50 split. As for age range, Nesbitt says it’s 17 to 70. "My dad is 64 and still jumps," he says. "The majority of people, however, are in their late twenties and 30s."


Nesbitt did his first skydive on his 18th birthday. "I have always been interested in skydiving because my dad did it for years before I was born and while I was growing up," he says. "As a little kid, I used to go to the dropzone to watch and play in the training equipment."


While his first jump was at age 18, Nesbitt says he didn’t get serious about it until his early 20s. "I didn’t really get into it as a sport until a few years later when I had the money." Today, Nesbitt is the General Manager at KillerSpots, an Anderson-based full-service ad agency.


Nesbitt says it’s expensive to get started because you’re paying for instructors, training and gear rental. "But once you are past all that, it’s just $21-23 a jump."


It’s worth the price though, Nesbitt says, because he’s met some of his closest friends through the dropzone. "It’s easy to connect with other skydivers because we share a common love," he explains. "People that don’t jump don’t really understand our passion for it, so when we get together with other jumpers it’s nice. We also tend to have similar interest and traits outside of skydiving."


During the warm months, the group skydives around their Middletown dropzone. And in the colder months, Nesbitt says the group travels to warmer climates to get their jumping fix.


If you’re interested in learning more, visit StartSkydiving.com or contact them at info@startskydiving.com or 513-422-JUMP (5867). "Anyone can jump," Nesbitt says. "They just need to come to the dropzone and learn how!"