Arty Party

Arty Party

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Betsy and Patrick Miglio, co-owners of Arty Party

Want to paint the town red doing something new and creative this weekend? Sounds like you need an Arty Party!


An Arty Party, which launched last month, essentially takes over your favorite venue so you and your group can paint an interpretation of the evening’s selected piece while enjoying drinks at your selected bar, restaurant or event space.


Arty Party provides all painting supplies, including paint brushes, acrylic paint, easels, 16 by 20 inch canvases, and aprons to protect clothing. Trained artists guide participants like you through each step of the painting process from mixing colors to brush strokes, all while encouraging creative expression in a supportive, positive, party atmosphere. Then, at the end of the night you will get to take home a one-of-a-kind painting and hopefully a newfound talent!


Betsy Miglio of Arty Party

“I love to paint and I love to throw parties,” says Betsy Miglio, co-owner of Arty Party. “My brother and co-owner, Patrick, has an entrepreneurial spirit. This was a way for us to put both of our passions to work.”


The business is based out of Bellevue Kentucky, but the concept is a mobile party provider. Events are scheduled at the local bar, restaurant, or event venue of the clients’ choice.


They also offer private parties. “It’s a great idea for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, girl’s night out, bridal showers, baby showers, date night, reunions, fundraisers, team building workshops, kids parties, or anything else coming up on the calendar,” says Betsy. Most sessions are $30 and there are package deals for the private parties depending selected options.


“While others offer these same services, they don’t offer the same experience,” says Betsy. “We put a real emphasis on ‘Party.’ You’re going to have fun at our events.”


For more information on Arty Party, or to find out about upcoming events, visit their Facebook Page.