Ask Nicci: Options and Opportunity

Ask Nicci: Options and Opportunity

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I was unexpectedly laid off from my job after being there for almost eight years. I feel I’ve lost my sense of self, and I don’t know what to do next. I know these are tough times, the economy is not good and many other good people are losing their jobs, too. Maybe I am just feeling sorry for myself, but change is scary. Where do I start to rebuild?


Dear Downsized,
Okay: I normally focus on keeping my inquirers on the right path for finding love – but for you, I am happy to share my advice regarding your current struggle, because it is something so many can relate to given these difficult economic times. Ultimately, anything that throws us off our game needs to be addressed – especially when it could alter the way you present yourself in the wild world of love and relationships! Here we go:


It’s time to change your perspective and pull up your big girl panties, my friend! It may be hard to see right now, but you are the lucky recipient of an opportunity. One door may have closed, but many more are ready to open. I suggest you take full advantage and be proactive!


Many of us give up a large part of our identity to our careers and our responsibilities. Allowing yourself to grieve, cry and lick your wounds is not out of the question; however in order to keep your edge and momentum, you need to focus on the positive and line up your options. After your moment of life-reflection, it is time to focus on your next step. Not getting lost in the emotions of the moment is critical.


Option 1: Try something new! Did you really love the path your career was on? Was it fulfilling? View this as an opportunity to start over from scratch doing something that you thoroughly enjoy. This is a chance to start over, so why not do something you love? Ask yourself what you are truly passionate about and at what you excel. Do your due diligence – research what makes YOU tick; take personality tests and determine what profession best aligns with your individual behaviors and strengths.


Option 2: Stick with what you know. Pursue a job in your current field with another company. Not everyone is capable of a complete career overhaul, and that’s okay. Keep it interesting by contemplating different cities during your job search. It doesn’t hurt to consider the possibilities.


Pick an option. Focus on exactly what it is you want, and write it down. Only once you know what you want will you get what you want. Whichever course of action you choose, it’s all about making things happen and focusing on achieving your new career goal.


At the end of the day, consider this a blessing in disguise. Remember there are way more of us going through this exact situation right now. The competition is fierce out there, but so is the support and understanding for these situations. Remain positive, be confident and focus on results. Your life path has officially been altered – it’s time to grab the reigns and take control of the direction you’re headed!