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Breakout Games

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Escape the ordinary and check out a new Hyde Park hotspot for real life adventures where teams have an hour to break out of a room by cracking codes, solving riddles, piecing together puzzles and finding clues.


Breakout Games in Hyde Park requires you to break out of a room using clues.

Art thieves, castaways, and kidnappers are some of the people you will encounter when entering Breakout Games in Hyde Park. No need to be alarmed though, these are just a few of the escape room experiences in store for you, your family, and even your co-workers.

Originating in Japan, escape rooms were created to replicate a life size, adventure game full of twists and turns that promote team building, determination, and fun.

So here’s how it goes- your team assembles inside one of the five featured escape rooms, such as a prison cell or a ritzy casino. The professionally trained game master explains the challenge and exits the room. Once the door closes, the clock begins counting down from 60 minutes. Your team scatters to examine every inch of the space searching for clues to break out of the room. (But don’t worry, they don’t really lock you in.)

Each distinctive breakout room is elaborately designed by professional set designers as well as a virtual reality team— so expect to find realistic props and loads of secretive, state-of-the-art technology.

These real-life scenarios are designed for those who enjoy strategy games, need a stress release from work, or are looking for a new way to celebrate your birthday or a special occasion.

According to Scott Nicholson, a professor of game design and development at Wilfrid Laurier University, “players eager to look at something other than a glowing screen are flocking to games in the physical world for face-to-face engagement opportunities.”

At Breakout Hyde Park, Team Building Director Mary Garrett says the main goal for teams is to get out of the room before time runs out, but the bigger objective is working together as a group, becoming closer as individuals, and discovering new things about your friends and even yourself.

School groups, families, companies, and more are flocking to these thrilling, team-building adventures, says Garrett. Anyone is welcome to play at Breakout Games however, those under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

“What sets us apart is the way we treat our guests, the quality of our rooms, and the way we can customize our rooms for larger groups. Our goal is to bring people together,” says Garrett.

Whether it be a unique Christmas party or an office get-together, Breakout teaches teams to work together, value everyone’s contribution and build relationships, according to Garrett.

Learn more at Breakout Games on their websiteFor any questions, contact Sam Handelsman at or call Mary Garrett at (513)716-7037.