Candidate Couture: City Council Hopeful, Yvette Simpson

Candidate Couture: City Council Hopeful, Yvette Simpson

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102411ADVERTORIALwithcred.jpg"People just don’t know what I am about and people can’t see behind my smile there is much more to me than I am showing now these are pieces of me." – Ledisi

Character, courage and gumption are unique attributes of many Cincinnati women, but for Yvette Simpson these are words that explain her life.

Simpson’s gumption prompted her to run for Cincinnati City Council. "The City of Cincinnati has the opportunity to be so much greater than it is now and we need leadership to move the city forward," the West End resident said. "We need someone who can bridge the gap that divides city council right now and I hope to be that bridge." She added, "It would be awesome to have a female majority on council. Just think of what we could accomplish."

But Simpson understands that this endeavor is not an easy and comes with many challenges and perceived expectations. On the campaign trail she is finding that she has to work hard to alter the stereotypes that associated with a female African-American political candidate.

"I think we still battle the traditional stereotypes, which is really hard to help people break from. While I don’t find being a single woman in the political arena is exceptionally tough, I think that there is still that expectation that all women are wives and mothers," Simpson said.

"Many people see me as a mother figure, but I don’t see it," Simpson said. Her family is very proud that she is running for City Council though her father jokingly said that this was another thing standing in the way of getting grandchildren. "They are very proud of me," Simpson said.

Simpson jokes about not having a husband or kids, but she keeps her hands full directing the Pre-Law Program at Miami University, which she help to create. In 2007, Simpson left the law firm of Keating, Muething & Klekamp PLL to develop the program for the university.

This modern woman who loves sweater sets, colorful business clothes and stylish fashions is always looking for progressive ways to help improve the city and its diverse neighborhoods, and to help young people and the business community. These endeavors help Simpson stand out from the rest of candidates seeking a seat on City Council.

Simpson is a Cincinnati success story. She grew up in Lincoln Heights, and was the first in her family to graduate from college and become a lawyer. All along the way she has been helped and mentored which is why she is working so hard to give back to the community and help move Cincinnati forward.

Planting the seeds for the city’s future begins with being involved, participating in community affairs and not being afraid to mix and mingle with Cincinnati’s diverse population. "Cincinnati is a great place to live, especially downtown. I love the energy and the diversity. There are a lot of things to do," she said.

Those meeting Simpson on the campaign trail at first glimpse see a fashionably stylish woman with a nice smile, but don’t let that fool you. "People either tell me that I am not tough enough, that I should more aggressive, more assertive, or they find me very intelligent and intimidating. But everyone soon realizes that I am just a regular person who is able to navigate in many circles and who believes in the best of everyone.

The hard-knocks of life helped to develop Simpson’s gumption and as she navigates the city’s political waters she said she will not be sacrificing her style or her sense of self to fit what someone believes what leaders should be.

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