Chic Spotlight: Blocks from the Heart

Chic Spotlight: Blocks from the Heart

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Blocks from the Heart creates homemade personalized items

Cincy Chic: Tell us more about the concept behind Blocks from the Heart!
Katie Patton, Owner of Blocks from the Heart: The concept behind Blocks From The Heart is bringing back the simplicity of wood and creating something meaningful and beautiful with your photos. It’s about getting rid of all those picture frames and taking everyday things you have in your house, like a tissue box, to create a piece that will be finished to hand down for generations. There is something unique and special to hold a block in your hand with your loved one or to give a gift that is personalized just for that person. No one can explain how it grasps the inner core of your heart and brings out the good, heartfelt moments. We live in a very busy world and to bring back those special moments is an unforgettable creation.


Cincy Chic: Who’s behind Blocks from the Heart and when did it launch?
Patton: I started this business out of my home in 2012. I started creating and perfecting my technique and decided to start selling my creations. It took off like crazy from that point. My brother, David Huffer, who lives two hours away in Stoutsville, Ohio, is a woodworker by hobby. I collaborated with him to build all my wood items – we work well together. He loves to build and does not enjoy the finish. I don’t enjoy to build but I love to finish and bring it to life. My husband, Jeff Patton, has been a huge help, supporter and encourager. Jeff helps me on the little things. He cuts all my blocks by hand, helps me with the hardware and much more. All the creations I gather in my head, my brother and my husband are a huge help to build and bring it to life. I design and give measurements and they do it without being able to visualize what I am trying to accomplish sometimes.


Cincy Chic: Where can we find Blocks from the Heart?
Patton: I opened my store in Western Hills in January 2013. Then, in September 2013, I was robbed and my car was stolen. So I then decided to move operations to my home. It’s continued to grow like crazy so now I get to work out of my home located outside of Cheviot.


Cincy Chic: What was your inspiration for starting Blocks from the Heart?
Patton: The inspiration behind the business started after three deaths of people I was very close to. My husband’s uncle was first, then a month later my dad passed away and five months later my “Cincinnati mom” passed away (I’m from Stoutsville). She was my neighbor and became and family and I took care of her for 16 years. I couldn’t believe how these deaths impacted my life. It was forever changed and I found that looking through pictures and holding onto memories was a huge grieving process. I wanted to create some Christmas gifts and capture those special moments. I decided to quit my orthodontic career of 20 years and start creating memories. I wanted to create good heartfelt creations. Every being on this earth should feel important and valued. We are God’s creation. We are important. We are his masterpiece. I started this business to bring back this very simple concept of touching someone’s heart again and validating a human life. To receive and give value to someone’s life. I had a customer from Wisconsin call me the very day her dad had passed away and thanked me for making a couple stars in recent months to remember their dad as he was declining and let me know he passed on. There is a closeness with my creations that is not easily explained and because of this, I have made many new friends in this process. I value each picture, every story and I pray over every creation before it is mailed or picked up. The name Blocks From The Heart came about because I started with creating the blocks and these creations are truly from my heart.


Cincy Chic: How has the business grown since launching?
Patton: My business has grown a ton since I launched it. When someone receives my creations, they remember how it felt to see it for the first time. Then it presents a chain reaction as they want someone else to feel that too. What is challenging is getting someone who has not received one of my creations to stop, take the time to send a few pictures and have their creation made. Time is not our friend these days, but I encourage everyone to stop and take the time because the impact of your 10 minutes lasts for many lifetimes ahead of you.


Cincy Chic: What makes Blocks from the Heart different?
Patton: You can go to any store and buy a gift, but to take 10 minutes of your time to order one of my creations is a huge reward. Most of the time my creations brings those good heartfelt tears to life. We don’t experience that enough. What my customers do not know is that I create each piece with their future in mind. I vision the great-great-grandchildren finding this treasure in a box of their belongings one day and feeling the importance and value in it. I see them setting it out as part of their decor and creating the conversation piece to talk about their history and family. These will never go out of style as these are personalized to each individual. I’ve already had some of my items at funeral homes after loved ones have passed away. I finish each creation with the utmost care and respect. Handmade perfection is the goal! I coat every creation so I know it will last to hand down from generation to generation. My Pet Urns have became a top seller this year. I just received this response from a new customer: “I don’t know what I would have done if I had not come across your website. Every other website I had visited or catalog that I have flipped through did not come close to reflecting the beauty of our pets or the loving expressions of how we feel when a treasured pet is gone.”


Katie Patton, Founder of Blocks from the

Cincy Chic: What kinds of items do you offer customers?
Patton: I offer my customers the choice to be very involved with my creations while some choose to say, “do your magic.” I offer a line of wood products from baby mobiles, tissue boxes and much more that I’ve created to personalize anyway they choose with pictures, quotes, poems, dates, colors and themes. If they can’t find what they are looking for, I offer anything they need customized.


Cincy Chic: Can you give us some price points?
Patton: I offer items from $6 up to any amount if you need a customized piece of furniture. I’ve made coffee tables and end tables with photos on them.


Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Blocks from the Heart?
Patton: Last year I created the Totem Blocks! My daughter named them because Totems tell your story. These are amazing! The Totem blocks are my personal favorite. I’m always thinking and my brain doesn’t stop. I am always creating new and exciting pieces! Here’s what’s coming this year: I am bringing back the old Silhouettes and bringing them back with a special twist! All I can say is, I got a projector, some wood and they will be amazing!


Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
Patton: You can find me at or on Facebook. I’m also on Etsy, Pinterest and Twitter.