Chic Spotlight: Cincy Inno

Chic Spotlight: Cincy Inno

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A nationwide entrepreneurial network is bringing innovative events to the Queen City to help you connect with the city’s startups. Keep reading to learn more.


Cincy Chic: What is Cincy Inno?
Courtney Gabrielson, New Market Editor at American Inno: Cincy Inno is a digital media and events company that covers local tech and innovation through our online content, newsletter and (as aforementioned) events. We get asked a lot what we mean by “innovation”; we define it as something that drives change for the better, so, to my delight, the breadth of topics we cover is wide. We’ve written stories about the traditional tech startup (think Abre, Cladwell) and then we have forthcoming pieces that cover veterinary services for low-income pet owners or a special dip that help kids get used to the taste of vegetables.  

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind Cincy Inno?
Gabrielson: To answer that, I’d first have to highlight Cincy Inno’s larger network, American Inno, of which it is one of nine other publications across the country (we have markets in Austin, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Wisconsin and Rhode Island). The goal of these publications is to first cultivate a readership of next-gen business leaders who are movers and shakers in their ecosystems, and then consistently inform, connect and enrich them with our stories, events and newsletters (dubbed “The Beat”). 

So, startup founders, entrepreneurs, those hustling to make a difference in their tech community or at their office – essentially anyone driving change for the better – are the people who inspire us and fuel our work. At Inno, we talk about all the time how we love to cheerlead the amazing things happening in each of the regions and cities we cover. In Cincy, that’s so easy to do; the startup scene is flourishing, and it’s such a pleasure to highlight those folks lighting up #StartupCincy. It’s sounds cliché, but it’s true; they are the story, and they are who we are trying to provide value and insight for.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
Gabrielson: As for the editorial team in the Cincy market, I am head writer. We’re bolstered by our two wonderful freelancers, Cassie Lipp and Mark Payne, with leadership from Will Flanagan, who’s national head of product for American Inno.

Cincy Chic: What types of services do you offer other entrepreneurs/innovators?
Gabrielson: We wear many hats at Cincy Inno. There’s our twice-a-week newsletter, called The Beat, in which we round up local startup, tech and entrepreneurial news, like fundings, acquisitions, hirings, cool events and more. We touch on big news, highlight local innovators, and try and keep a quick and easy way for our readers to engage with what’s going on in the ecosystem and otherwise perform admirably at startup cocktail parties. Then there’s our editorial side: we provide reports on tech news, breaking or otherwise; profiles of local startups; event calendars; guides to the ecosystem (think local coworking spots, accelerators in the area, etc.); guest posts from a variety of local and regional thought leaders. We have both a career and events directory, where folks can post pertinent jobs and soirees (or search for them). And then there’s our events, like our regular State of Innovation nights that cover the, well, state of a industry’s innovation in the area, and our 50 on Fire awards ceremony that celebrates particularly excellent startups. We’re always doing something!

Cincy Chic: What makes Cincy Inno unique?
Gabrielson: The local element. There’s so much content out there. There’s so many newsbites and digests and Twitter feeds and it can be so … much. But what we know from reporting on entrepreneurs and startups is that success is, in many ways, measured by the strength and knowledge of your network. That’s what sets us apart: everyday, our readers get fresh content tailored to their community, for their community, about their community. We try and zero in on the headlines (or plan events)  that are most relevant for founders and innovators to do their job well in the ecosystem they are in. Yes, reading about Facebook news XYZ in the big picture is important and necessary, but reading about what Facebook news XYZ could mean for local tech startups in my community? That brings a more powerful level or relevancy to our readers.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Cincy Inno this year?
Gabrielson: We launched officially in October of last year, so we’re still feeling rather new, if six months still counts as new. For me, the goal is the same: Citius, altius, forties. In practical terms? To continue to provide excellent content online and in our newsletter, grow our audience, and host events that our attendees make connections at and learn over really good h’orderves. (We do have one on the docket for April, another in July, and then again in December).

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Gabrielson: Our site is There, you can subscribe to The Beat to get our twice-a-week newsletters. We’re also @CincyInno on Twitter and FB, where we (read: I) am fond of spending too much time searching for the perfect accompanying gif.