Chic Spotlight: Maria Versluis

Chic Spotlight: Maria Versluis

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She owns two of Cincinnati’s trendiest boutiques, recently launched an online store, and just opened a fashion boutique for girls. Keep reading for all the fashionable details.

Cool-Girl Gingham
Cool-Girl Gingham

Cincy Chic: What trends are you carrying at Pink Tulip Club this spring?
Maria Versluis, Owner of Pink Tulip Club: There are a lot of trends this season that we’ll be carrying in store:

· Cool-Girl Gingham – Gingham print is nothing new to the fashion world. This spring it is spiced up more than your ordinary picnic pattern. You will see Gingham enhanced in size, orientation and printed on an assortment of different fabrics. Sassy and street-style worthy.
· Subtle ‘70s – Every season, a decade takes over the runway. This spring, the ‘70s has won that role. Unlike previous seasons where the decade takes over completely, this year it is subtle touches. This season is all about retro lapel shapes, juxtaposing color combinations and denim, denim, denim! Don’t think full-fledged bell-bottoms in the back of your closet are appropriate attire just yet, but you will see different types of pant bottoms this season. Some flared, full and wide or your typical skinny jean, which is just as popular as ever!

Out-of-the-Ordinary Animal Print
Out-of-the-Ordinary Animal Print

· Out-of-the-Ordinary Animal Print – Although it is a classic, the leopard print isn’t going to be seen as often this season as in the past. This year it is all about less ordinary wildlife. Night Crawlers, sea animals, chameleons and the less thought of will be represented in this season’s attire. Whether it is the skin pattern, print or full face of the animal, there is a different take on animal prints coming your way.
· Sporty Minimalism – Sportswear has been so popular for years. This year, although it is still prominent on the runway, it is going to be all about the details Whether it is lace up, buckles, zipper pulls, drawstring, racing stripes, etc., there is a new take on sportswear. This year we will see a pared-down approach to athletic influences. Keeping you looking fresh and on trend.
· Colored Suede – Not your normal spring material. This year, suede is hitting the runway hard for a pop of color. This gives the outfit a “cooled-down” effect. You will be seeing sued in purples, blues, grey and even reds and yellows!

Power Shoulders
Power Shoulders

· Power Shoulders – Say goodbye to shoulder pads! YAY! Instead of having big shoulders to exude strength this season is all about less being more. You will see a lot of exposed shoulders, whether its off-the-shoulder or the bold one-shoulder, this season is all about showing off in a classy chic way.
· Modern Safari – If only clothes could be transportive we would be going on a fantastic trip to the wild! The trench coat is forever a classic staple, but this year we will be seeing the idea of a trench transform into a dress. Poncho coats, fern print and interpretive camo-inspired pieces will keep you being anything but invisible. Although the thought of this can be scary to some women, this safari-inspired look has an upscale aesthetic.
· The “New” High Neckline – Conservative dressing is an unexpected curveball for our wardrobes this season. The idea of a winter high-neck is making a come back in a lighter and more flirty way for the warmer weather. High-neck button ups, tanks and even turtleneck dresses will be hitting the stores.
· Statement Stripes – Stripes are always in the spring wardrobe option. This year designers are playing not just with the sizing but the positioning and placement and even stripe treatment on textiles. Cool!

10712488_1564514743771810_7107335262773054072_oCincy Chic: Can you tell us more about Girls’ World?
Versluis: Girls’ World is a new boutique that is just for girls and toddlers to teens. The store is a blend of modern design and creative imagination. It brings many well-known clothing and accessory brands to the Cincinnati area, such as Miss Me, Splendid, Ella Moss, Catimini and Joe’s Jeans for kids. These fashionable clothing lines offer casual and dressy looks and make fashion easy for little girls, tweens and teens. The updated floor plan is a perfect setting to hang out and to shop. Girls’ World has a play area, crafts area and a movie/game room.

The idea here is to give the girls options so that they can choose what makes them look and feel good about what they are wearing. Many styles offer casual comfort yet the durability much needed in a kid’s daily life. A girl will be able to express her own individuality and find the perfect style for herself. Age appropriate party dresses for school formals and holidays are also available in a wide range of sizes. The store is packed with merchandise for this Spring/Summer season. Girls’ World also carries accessories for computers and phones, fun jewelry and craft sets.

Girls’ World boutique features Birthday Bash, a free monthly event, dedicated to celebrating birthdays of our young customers who were born in each particular month. Every birthday girl receives a gift and can invite her friends to have pizza, cupcakes and a dance off party! Birthday Bash is scheduled for last Saturday of every month.

To show customer appreciation, Girls’ World will offer the exclusive customer loyalty discount as its sister boutique, Pink Tulip Club. The customer loyalty program is free and it provides special discounts on everyday purchases.
Cincy Chic: What types of fashions are being carried at Girls’ World this spring?
Versluis: Girls’ World has a beautiful website<>, where readers can view the Spring 2015 collection.
Cincy Chic: We heard you’re hosting a Girls’ World event, can you tell us more?
Versluis: We are still in the planning stages of this event, so readers will have to stay tuned to our Facebook page for more information as we move forward!
Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more about the upcoming Girls World event?
Versluis: For more information on Girls World, and our upcoming event, visit