Chic Spotlight: Mommy Buttons

Chic Spotlight: Mommy Buttons

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Jennifer Ellis, Founder of Mommy Buttons with her son.

Cincy Chic: What is Mommy Buttons and where did you find your inspiration?
Jennifer Ellis, Founder of Mommy Buttons: Like most busy moms, I have grown accustomed to a life of multitasking. I was inspired to create the app after realizing that I was repeating the same points to my kids over and over. I think most moms can relate to feeling like a broken record. I would always say to the boys, “If only I had buttons on my fingers for all the things I say over and over each day.” Mommy Buttons lets me save my breath.

The idea behind Mommy Buttons is fairly simple. The app allows any busy mother to record her own voice giving those friendly parenting reminders moms find themselves repeating throughout the day – anything from “Don’t run in the house” to “Do your homework” or just plain “No.” The app offers more than just a fun reminder – for some kids, it offers a chance to connect to a parent away from home if Mommy Buttons is on their iPhone or iPod so they can hear their parents voice any time. Of course, for other moms, the app is a silly, fun way to make sure the kids brush their teeth and finish their chores.


Cincy Chic: What do users gain from the technology? What makes it unique?
Ellis: I use my Mommy Buttons app every day. I really do. My buttons change all the time and we laugh a whole lot every time I use it. When the boys see me walk into a room with my phone in hand they can’t wait to hear what I’m going “say.” But as of today, right now, I have recorded in my buttons “Turn off your iPods and get dressed,” which is great for the mornings, “Please do your homework” and “I love you.” I’ve also recorded my husband saying “stop fighting” and “whatever” which gives us all a giggle anytime we press the button. The boys are constantly recording their own buttons on their iPods too. For us, Mommy Buttons has helped to turn my repetitive daily parents moments into a “wow!” moment that has us all stop and giggle before moving onto what needs to be done next in our lives.


Cincy Chic: How did you get into app development?
Ellis: Well, I have a degree in Computer Science and I had my own web design company for 15 years. At this point, I focus on being a Mom first, spreading music to a new generation and now I focus Mommy Buttons, too.


Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Mommy Buttons?
Ellis: I have had tons of incredible feedback and support since it was launched in the Apple and Google Store in February. Our newest update is coming in April will include another screen for more buttons and the ability to text message your voice and Mommy Button to your child! We’re also working on a Daddy Buttons app, of course!


Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
Ellis: The Mommy Buttons app cost 99 cents and is available in the App Store and on Google Play. Everyone with an iPhone, iPod, iPad Android or any other smart device can purchase it. To read more, visit mommy Mommy Buttons also has a Facebook page Facebook page. You can also contact me by sending an email to