Chic Spotlight: See Molly Blog

Chic Spotlight: See Molly Blog

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A local fashion and beauty blogger turned traveler just celebrated the one-year anniversary of her blog. See what’s new for year two and beyond.

Molly Moran of See Molly Blog
Molly Moran of See Molly Blog

Cincy Chic: Tell us more about See Molly Blog!
Molly Moran, Founder of See Molly Blog: See Molly Blog is an online extension of myself, my little piece of the internet where I can be creative, and share the things I love via photos and writing.

Cincy Chic: What inspired you to start your blog?
Moran: The inspiration behind my blog See Molly Blog, was honestly fear and hesitation. I have been a follower of fashion and beauty blogs for years, and was always too afraid and self conscious to start one of my own, until September 22, 2015. I decided that it was time to throw my inhibitions aside, and do something that really interested and excited me. The title “See Molly Blog” is sort of a proclamation to the world. Hey world! See me blog, and see me say yes to new things and no to being afraid.

Cincy Chic: What types of topics do you cover in See Molly Blog?
Moran: When I started See Molly Blog, I intended it to be mostly a fashion and beauty blog, but it has quickly evolved into a personal journal of my life. Nothing is off limits. Of course I love sharing my favorite fashion pieces, but I also love tackling subjects like body confidence, and sharing things going on in my life, like my recent engagement! I really want my readers to feel like friends, and friends talk about any and everything.

Cincy Chic: What’s been your favorite blog post thus far?
Moran: I’m going to cheat and say it’s a tie! One would be my post on body confidence. That post was very close to my heart because body confidence is something I’ve struggled with, and still continue to struggle with, and I felt the need to reach out and let others struggling know that they’re not alone, and that we’re all beautiful, and valuable. The second post would be the post that chronicled the story of my engagement. Again, I love sharing personal milestones in my life, and my engagement was most definitely the happiest day of my life thus far! (Something tells me the wedding will top it, though)

Cincy Chic: What makes See Molly Blog unique?
Moran: I think I make See Molly Blog unique. Fashion and beauty blogging has become so widespread that really the thing separating each one from the other is its author, and the unique flair they give their blog. I try to write my posts in my own unique voice, and share my unique style, and personal experiences, because I know those things are my own, and no one else’s.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for you or your blog?
Moran: See Molly Blog just turned 1 on September 22, and I think there are a lot of new things on the horizon for year two. I have some new series planned, Wedding Wednesdays and Monthly Favorites, for example, and I’d also love to share some make up tutorials and test more products for my readers.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along on your journey?
Moran: Readers can follow my blog directly at or any of other associated social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.