Chic Spotlight: Sibcy Cline Realtors’ Susan Knabe

Chic Spotlight: Sibcy Cline Realtors’ Susan Knabe

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Susan Knabe, Director of Marketing
at Sibcy Cline Realtors 

Cincy Chic: What kinds of unique services do you offer buyers, sellers and their real estate agents?
Susan Knabe: Director of Marketing at Sibcy Cline Realtors: If you are a buyer you can subscribe to our HomeWatch, which emails you with updates of properties available that meet your requirements. And many of our clients and Sibcy Cline friends enjoy getting our Market Update emails quarterly throughout the year. This is a clear overview of what is available for sale, sold and pending for the area in which you live.


Our home buyers and sellers also enjoy the conveniences of our one-stop services. Whether someone needs assistance with mortgage, insurance, title, relocation or a home-service need such as a home inspector or plumber, we can help. These support services are very helpful in getting our clients to the closing table. By the way, anyone is welcome to use Sibcy Cline Home Services in our area for any home-related service need.


Sibcy Cline’s Appointment Center is unique. The staff for the center books showing appointments seven days a week for Sibcy Cline listed properties. All area real estate brokers make one call into the center to schedule all of their Sibcy Cline showings. With just one call, it makes it really easy for real estate agents to show our homes.



Cincy Chic: Can you tell us more about the lunch’n’learns you regularly hold?
Knabe: We offer many career seminars at various Sibcy Cline locations for those interested in becoming a real estate agent. You can find information at And, periodically our agents conduct home-buying seminars to give an overview of what it takes to purchase that first home.

Sibcy Cline also has several agent-oriented meetings going on all of the time throughout the region. They share ideas to make their business practices even better.


Cincy Chic: What kind of online, digital programs and apps do you offer clients?
Knabe: We have a Mobile website and Sibcy Cline Apps for smart phone users. It is an abbreviated version of our website. Buyers are also scanning QR Codes found on the For Sales of our listed properties and are directed to that listing’s detail page. If you do not have a smart phone or are unsure of how to scan this code, don’t worry. All of our signs have a Listing Line with a phone number to call to get more details about the home. All of this technology empowers people to have as much information as possible about our listed properties.

Cincy Chic: Is there any exciting news about the local housing market that you can share with us?
Homes are selling very quickly when they are priced right and in good condition. It’s a great time to sell now because there is not enough inventory of homes available on the market currently which means less competition for those selling. If you are thinking about buying a home, now is a great time to do so since mortgage interest rates are still low, but are on the rise. And with home prices just starting to rise, it’s a perfect time to find that dream home.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new you can share on the horizon?
Our website will soon have a refreshed look. Don’t worry – the functionality is staying the same! We have so many dedicated users to our website – we will never take away the ease of finding homes. We are making our site even better with a geographic circle search that allows you look beyond neighborhood boundaries. We know that photos of homes are really important to home buyers and we are increasing their size so you can view the images in high detail. Plus, we are going to have a search that will look a bit like Pinterest.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers to go learn more?
Our website at is the source of homes for sale from Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana.

We receive lots of inquiries about real estate sales careers and have with information including a real estate sales person personality quiz and post upcoming career seminars.

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