Chic Spotlight: SleeperHero

Chic Spotlight: SleeperHero

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Make a resolution to get the kids to sleep better in the new year? Learn about the local co-founders of a product that can heroically help.

Sleeper Hero is
SleeperHero is a story book and doll designed by Anna Richardson and Meggie Hunley that will help children get the rest they need at night.

Cincy Chic: What is SleeperHero?
Anna Richardson & Meggie Hunley, Founders of SleeperHero: SleeperHero is a story book and doll designed to help children (and parents) get the rest they need. The SleeperHero doll has a light on its chest that shines bright in the dark, wards off imaginary bad guys, and teaches them when it’s an ok time to get up in the morning. The light changes from RED (stay in bed) to GREEN (rise and shine). SleeperHero is a sleep aide and snuggle buddy for children to have the confidence to stay in their big kid beds. It is portable, so it’s easy to take along to overnights and on vacation.

Cincy Chic: What inspired you to launch SleeperHero?
Richardson & Hunley: The inspiration for SleeperHero came from one of the Co-Inventors and Author of SleeperHero, Anna Richardson. She is a mother of 4, and when her older two children struggled with transitioning from their crib to their big kid bed, she came up with the idea and wrote the SleeperHero story. The story is about a little boy who is having trouble staying in his bed, until his father gives him the gift of a SleeperHero. The SleeperHero is there with him to offer courage and confidence to overcome his nighttime fears. The boy learns the correct time to wake up and get his parents when the light on the SleeperHero’s chest turns green. And when the child learns to sleep better, everyone in the house sleeps better!
Anna then shared the story and idea with me, co-creator and illustrator of SleeperHero, and she helped create the vision for SleeperHero. Anna was very lucky to have created this product in time to test out on her now 3 and 4 year old children, who have grown to love their SleeperHero. She is proud to repor that SleeperHero is working for her family and many families across the country!

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it all?
Richardson & Hunley: We have self-funded SleeperHero and take care of the day-to-day business (shipping, website, customer services, etc.).

Cincy Chic: How much does it cost to purchase a SleeperHero?
Richardson & Hunley: SleeperHero doll and book come packaged together and retail for $49.99. We have offered to sell the doll separately for $34.99 for our customers that purchase multiple dolls.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for SleeperHero?
Richardson & Hunley: We have big plans for SleeperHero. We have written a girl version, but need to move our current inventory in order to fund another production of SleeperHeroes. We’d like to see SleeperHero in stores across the country.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
Richardson & Hunley: Visit our website at to view a video and learn more about SleeperHero. You can purchase them on our site, on Amazon Marketplace and in local retailers around Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Chicago. Our retailers are also listed on our site.