Chic Spotlight: Sparkle Sense

Chic Spotlight: Sparkle Sense

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Cincy Chic: Tell us about your blog Sparkle Sense!
Ashley Hajjar, Founder of Sparkle Sense: Sparkle Sense is a personal lifestyle blog that documents all things pretty, fancy and sparkly. I post about fashion, design, food and travel. Some examples of things I post about are beautiful interiors, wedding ideas (I just got married this past July!) as well as products I’ve come across and love. I adore pretty packaging, anything with a bow on it and enjoy sharing my girlie inspirations with my readers!


Cincy Chic: Why did you choose the name Sparkle Sense?
Hajjar: Well, the term sense (used as a verb) means: Be aware of; Be aware that something is the case without being able to define exactly how one knows; Detect. I choose to celebrate and be aware of all the pretty, fancy, happy and sparkly things life gives us. My hope is that Sparkle Sense will inspire readers in one way or another. To shop, to decorate, to travel, to eat, to cook or simply to smile.


Cincy Chic: What inspired you to start your lifestyle blog?
Hajjar: I’d been a fan of many fashion blogs during my second year living in Chicago and when my boyfriend (now husband) moved to Grenada for medical school, I decided to start it as a hobby and creative outlet. I had more time on my hands since he was studying away and it was a fun way for me to gather my ideas and inspirations in one place. If I’m being honest, he is the one who actually came up with the name. He’s really the one who gave me the push I needed to start it – to not be scared to put myself out there and share my passions.


Cincy Chic: When did Sparkle Sense officially launch?
Hajjar: My first post was on January 1, 2012. It really started as a creative outlet for me to document the things that I love. At first, I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in reading about my taste, style and advice. I’d say a year into the blog I decided to be more serious about posting daily and sharing it with my friends and family. I’m flattered for those who tell me that they read it and enjoy what I share. It’s gone from readers I know to those that I don’t. It’s humbling and I am thankful for anyone who takes the time to follow along.


Cincy Chic: What do you love most about writing your blog?
Hajjar: I love being able to meet new people along the way. I’ve become friends with some great girls through my blog and love bouncing ideas off of others who have similar interests and passions. I’ve also learned a lot about myself through writing. I’ve started to write on my own, things that I don’t even necessarily post, because I think it’s very therapeutic. It gives you time to let things sink in and put your life in perspective. Overall, I love writing my blog because it’s something I created that brings me joy. It’s somewhere I hope others go to find inspiration.


Ashely Hajjar, Founder of Sparkle Sense, with her new

Cincy Chic: Can you share your individual story with us? 
Hajjar: My blog has come with me in my journey the past 2 years. From living in Chicago to moving to a Caribbean island with my fiancé to wedding planning in Cincinnati. I went back to Grenada this fall and will be moving to New Jersey with a job in New York City in January! It’s been a whirlwind and my blog been my constant. I’ve moved so much, lived so many places and adapted to so many situations that it’s been a source of comfort. Knowing that wherever I am, I can share my love of clothes, design, food and travel & hope to inspire someone else.


Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Sparkle Sense in 2014?
Hajjar: There will definitely be some new and exciting things coming in 2014. I’ll be working in the Big Apple on 5th Ave so I can only imagine the street style inspirations I’ll be coming across. Not to mention all of the amazing restaurants and areas to explore in New York City. I will also be decorating a tiny apartment so I’ll be sure to post tips for decorating a small space. My sister-in-law is also having a baby in January so I’m sure I’ll find MANY cute outfits for her little boy that I will love to share. It should be an exciting year with more giveaways and quite a variety of new topics to share on Sparkle Sense!


Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow you?
Hajjar: Readers can follow along with Sparkle Sense on Facebook or Instagram (I have an Instagram addiction). They can read more on the “About Me” page of my blog and can always email me at for anything – whether it’s fashion related, design related, giveaway related – I am all ears! I’d love to be in touch with new readers.