Chic Spotlight: Stacey Janning, Wishy Washi Tape

Chic Spotlight: Stacey Janning, Wishy Washi Tape

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 Washi Tape offered by Stacy Janning, founder of Wishy Washi Tape

Cincy Chic: When did you decide to start Wishy Washi Tape?
Stacy Janning, founder and owner of Wishy Washi Tape: I received an Etsy order that had a tiny bit of Washi Tape on it. My first thought was that someone had drawn on regular scotch tape but I realized it was actually printed on the tape when I was able to pull it off the package. The text was completely different from scotch tape -it was tear-able, more like masking tape- so I googled printed making tape and the hunt began. I was working for a Japanese company at the time, as a buyer, and I wasn’t happy so I decided to start my own business on the side, as a hobby of sorts. This became my outlet from a frustrating day at work. I started out with my iPhone for my camera, a half dead laptop and a horrible first logo.


Cincy Chic: What exactly is Washi Tape?
Janning: Washi Tape is Japanese masking tape. It can be made of a few natural materials, excluding trees, but is mainly rice paper with an acrylic adhesive. The company that originally developed Washi Tape is called KAOMI KAKOSHI CO., LTD. They started the “mt” line (the first letter of the words masking and tape). At their manufacturing facilities in Okayama, Japan, visitors can go on tours and learn about the amazing story behind Washi Tape.


Cincy Chic: What makes this product unique, effective and cost efficient?
Janning: Washi Tape is unique because it’s an original idea. There wasn’t any kind of printed tape on the market when Washi Tape made its appearance. It’s a very quick and colorful way to add a special touch to projects. It’s also a more environmentally friendly way to decorate since it is made of rice paper instead of trees. There aren’t really any other products that have the same quality and feel of real Washi Tape.


Cincy Chic: What products do you offer at Wishy Washi Tape?
Janning: We currently offer Japanese Washi Tape, trimmings, paper bags, stamps, linen and packing tape and stickers. Over the next few months, we also hope to launch a line of washi wallpaper- yes, you read that correctly- washi wallpaper. It’s a great way to add some color and design without having the permanency of regular wallpaper or paint. You can use our regular sized tape as a wall decoration too.


Cincy Chic: What different ways have you seen people using Washi Tape?
Janning: I’ve seen so many different uses for this tape it is unbelievable. We keep an entire Pinterest board full of ideas. Mostly, I see it used in scrapbooks and on handmade cards, but it is an absolutely adorable way to spruce up packaging a gift, make cute little cake flags or even as an art medium. Just like regular masking tape, it is not permanent on most coated surfaces and you can use it multiple times before the adhesive gives out.


Cincy Chic: Besides spending time running your business, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Janning: I live in Dillonvale with my husband and we absolutely love to play out in our yard when the weather is nice. We also enjoy playing golf together and, when the weather gets cold, we enjoy rock climbing at the gym. My husband is currently in law school and I have a daytime career as a buyer at a local retail food company.