Cincinnati Author Event

Cincinnati Author Event

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Author and Cincinnati Author Event founder, JL Brooks

Anyone who appreciates a good read knows that an opportunity to rub elbows with multiple authors under one roof is rare. But now you can thanks to one local lady, JL Brooks, who is producing the second annual author event in Cincinnati.


It will take place May 24, 2014. “This past year it was held under the name Cincy Wine and Sign,” she explains. “I partnered with local event promoter, Rome Ntukogu from FAR I Rome, and had the signing in conjunction with the Drink in Ludlow Wine Walk.”


There were 12 authors including Brooks, but she was just testing the waters for the tri-state and the response to having indie authors attend. Ten of the twelve were USA Today and NY Times best sellers of Romance including Tiffany Reisz and Michelle Valentine.


“It let me see that there was definitely an interest. I was contacted later by former Fox 19 News anchor Sara Celi, who herself is an accomplished author and she has been assisting me with the planning of the next event,” says Brooks.


Check out the Cincy Author Event on May 24, 2014.

She was inspired to do the event because she knew first handedly, as a newly published author, that she was constantly being asked to go all over the place to do signings, so why not just invite everyone to one place?


“It was a great way to bring new business into the Clifton Gaslight District, and Lydia Stec was thrilled to have us at the OM Cafe. With the live music and free wine tastings, it was a hit,” says Brooks.


This next year, the event will be hosted at the Newport Aquarium. More than 50 authors, more than three quarters of them are best selling Romance/Contemporary Adult writers, and Brooks will be in the Queen City for four hours signing autographs, taking pictures and selling books.


There will also be a photography exhibit by Toski Covey who is based in Indiana. There is no charge for the event, yet tickets must be obtained ahead of time through the website as they are limited. “Knowing that people will be traveling from long distances, we felt that was a great place because it’s family friendly and easily accessible, yet out of the box for these types of events that are normally hosted in hotels and convention centers,” explains Brooks. “It will give them a real feel for our area. One of the authors is Molly Wellman, owner of Japp’s on Main. She has written a fabulous cocktail book and will be talking about it.”


Brooks also tries to use these events to bring awareness to different causes. Last year she held a raffle to raise money for the Amanda Todd Legacy. “I am still currently doing a lot work with them, yet I am looking for something closer to home to spotlight,” says Brooks.


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