Cincinnati Birth and Parenting 

Cincinnati Birth and Parenting 

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A local lady launched a resource that’s helped more than 200 area families improve their unique pregnancy and parenting experiences.

Cincinnati Birth and Parenting is a doula agency that offers services and classes to soon-to-be parents.

Filled with the best birth and parenting professionals Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky have to offer, Cincinnati Birth and Parenting offers members a wide array of activities, services and classes to educate women and families on their options in parenting and pregnancy. 

Founder of Cincinnati Birth and Parenting, Molly Murray, first launched the agency in 2015, with the belief that there is no wrong way to birth your baby. Murray told us her inspiration for Cincinnati Birth and Parenting also came from her idea that all women and families deserve information, resources and support for whatever may come their way.

Murray describes Cincinnati Birth and Parenting as a doula agency. A doula refers to someone who is a professional support person, helping individuals, and their families go through a transition in life. Typically, doulas are well educated in their particular field.

Earlier in her career, Murray worked as birth and postpartum doula and tells us the inspiration behind Cincinnati Birth and Parenting was that she “had grown beyond what she could serve as an independent doula.” Three years after opening the Cincinnati Birth and Parenting Network, Murray opened the Cincinnati Birth and Parenting Doula Agency.

Other than providing members with countless activities and opportunities to learn and grow, Cincinnati Birth and Parenting hosts meet and greets twice every month to help families connect with each other and agency members in a less formal setting. The Cincinnati Birth and Parenting Doula Agency, on the other hand, hosts Pain Coping classes for the birthing process and family-friendly educational events about options in regards to pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

Molly Murray, Founder of Cincinnati Birth and Parenting

Murray accredits the network at Cincinnati Birth and Parenting for making the agency unique, “we are comprised of and connected to the very best professionals and businesses in the city.”

Additionally, this doula agency offers various levels of pricing based on experience. “[It’s] a team approach to your care and continuous unlimited birth support,” Murray explains. “All our doulas are both birth and postpartum doulas.”

In the future, Cincinnati Birth and Parenting is looking forward to expanding the doula agency and anticipate supporting over 100 families in 2018 alone. In addition, she says, “our doula agency will begin offering a grant for at-risk families [such as] LGBTQ families, families of color, single mothers, teen families, and recovering addicts beginning in 2019, which will help serve at least one family per month who would not otherwise be able to afford doula services but who are of the greatest need for extra support.”

Murray says Cincinnati Birth and Parenting Network will be hosting their second expo of the year in August. This event will allow community members to meet network members and learn more about their options. 

To learn more, visit their doula agency website here, their network website here or follow them on Instagram.