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Cincinnati Youth Collaborative

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It’s been quite an exciting year for the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative (CYC). It’s due in part to CYC celebrating 25 years of service this year, but it’s also due to a new strategic partnership.


“CYC recently merged with Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates (JCG), which is celebrating 30 years of service next year,” explains Jane Keller, CYC President and CEO. “Two highly respected and impactful Greater Cincinnati community youth organizations have come together to expand and enhance services to kids with barriers to academic achievement.”


Keller says the collaboration is the foundation for the new organization, so they can come together as a team to ultimately reach more kids and be a regional leader in helping young people be successful in life.


Through their 55 years of combined experience, they’ve collectively helped 160,000 kids to succeed in life. “The history of both organizations has been to help young people with barriers succeed in school and life,” says Keller. “CYC through mentoring and college readiness and JCG through dropout prevention and career readiness and placement.”


Currently, the two organizations serve 3,500 students in Cincinnati Public schools and Hamilton County. Their services span from elementary though career placement and include early learner engagement, high school and post secondary success as well as college and career readiness.


The services don’t stop once they leave school either, Keller says. “CYC and JCG impact job creation and economic development in the region by keeping kids on the right track, in school, on target to graduate and planning for a bright future ultimately means a strong, vibrant community,” she adds. Just look at the numbers:

Median annual income of dropouts vs. high school graduates

    • Dropouts: $25,000
    • Graduates: $43,000

Percent of U.S. prison population

    • Dropouts: 75 percent
    • Graduates/GED: 25 percent

Unemployment rate

    • Dropouts: 15.4 percent
    • Graduates: 9.4 percent

Source: National Center for Education Statistics, Alliance for Excellent Education


How can the community – particularly local businesses and volunteers – help CYC and JCG? “Get involved,” Keller says, and here are some simple ways:

  • volunteer in the schools for ½ hour once a week – on your own or as part of a group
  • commit to helping students succeed by sponsoring a career day, college visit or talking to a group of kids about career paths


To get involved or learn more, visit or call (513) 475-4148. Watch the webcast below with Keller to learn more about CYC, JCG and how you can get involved.

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