Cincy Chic Announces New Cincy Chic Show

Cincy Chic Announces New Cincy Chic Show

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Cincy Chic announces a new "Cincy Chic Show," which will launch with its March 21 issue. Cincy Chic (, an online publication for women in Greater Cincinnati, is offering this new multimedia feature free to its subscribers.

The weekly show will feature Amy Scalia, Cincy Chic Publisher; Ilene Ross, chef and Cincy Chic Show Producer; and Molly Wellmann, bar owner and CityBeat’s 2010 best mixologist/bartender.

"There’s been a shift toward ‘edutainment’ in media consumption. People would rather sit back and be entertained while being informed," says Scalia. "So, we created this new way for local ladies to get all the info they need to stay chic in Cincinnati."

The first half of the show will be Amy and Ilene chatting about events, retail therapy and local happenings. The second half will add in Wellmann, a featured drink she whips up, and that week’s guest. The first guest will be Amy Kirchen, a fashion designer who is opening a new boutique in Milford in May.

"Instead of the ‘same old’ show format where co-hosts bring in a guest to a boring studio, we’re taking a new twist on it," says Scalia. "We’re shooting it in an urban loft in the Gateway Quarter and having our guests over for a cocktail and some good girl talk."

Topics will include local events, sales, boutique and designer spotlights, cocktails and food. Topic and guest suggestions can be emailed to

Check out the exclusive behind-the-scenes videos below of the co-hosts getting ready for the show’s first big production!