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Cookies Uncorked

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Claire and Austin, happy patrons at Cookies Uncorked

What happens when creativity meets delicious cookies? Patti Foster, founder of Cookies Uncorked, says it’s her whimsical cookie creations with fun, social, in-home parties where you can create your own cookie masterpieces!


Patti Foster founded Cookies Uncorked in December 2013 because she wasn’t talented enough to create art on a canvas. She loves gathering with friends (and wine) for a social art experience, but since nobody wanted to hang her creations on a wall, Foster decided to go for something consumable – and delicious.


Inspired by her education in Food and Hospitality Management, Foster embarked on the mission to spread the message of how fun and easy cookie decorating is. “Unlike my other artistic efforts, so far nobody has complained about being given cookies!” says Foster.


In less than nine months, Cookies Uncorked has gone from a concept to an award winning business. “In August 2014, we joined CityBeat for its Sugar Rush 2014 Event at the Cincinnati Ballet. There, our gorgeous cookie pops on sticks (mustaches, hot-pink lips, and colorful balloons), beat out Cincinnati’s best bakeries to win the “Most Visually Appealing Award,” says Foster.


Cookies Uncorked provides genuinely home-baked cookies from Foster’s kitchen in Indian Hill near Cincinnati. She is happy to offer her kitchen or to bring a cookie party to yours anywhere in the Cincinnati area, and hope to expand their cookie universe soon to other Ohio cities.


“We have thrown cookie parties all around Cincinnati and have seen the joy Cookies Uncorked brings to any gathering – whether that be birthday parties, fundraisers, holiday parties, wedding showers, gender reveal parties, book clubs, mom and daughter luncheons, and girls’-night-outs,” says Foster. “We hope to keep meeting new people and keep spreading the enjoyment of cookies and cookie parties.”


Cookies Uncorked caters to anyone who loves to be creative and eat cookies, or, in other words, everyone. You can enjoy Cookies Uncorked by buying beautiful cookies or by coming to a cookie party. In leaving all the decorating up to Cookies Uncorked, you can simply buy the cookies by visiting their website at $29.95 per dozen.


“In coming to a cookie party, the naked cookies, icing, instruction and encouragement are provided – you bring the wine,” says Foster. “Everyone leaves with delicious, beautifully decorated sugar cookies.” You can register for the Back-to-School Party on September 25 or Halloween Party on October 30. Or, gather your own group for any occasion and they can bring the party to you at the cost of $35 per person, including a dozen cookies.


What really makes Cookies Uncorked unique is a twist on three concepts. “First, unlike traditional bakeries, we include you in the creative process – and trust us, cookies taste better when you decorate them yourself,” says Foster. “Second, unlike traditional cooking classes, we make you an instant cookie artist with a dozen cookies to prove it. Third, unlike traditional sip and paint venues, we send you away with delicious creations that won’t collect dust in the back of your closet.”


In addition, Cookies Uncorked has a network of bakers, decorators, and party coordinators, known as “Cookie Pros” who can work at home to earn money in their spare time! “Cookies Uncorked will train you, connect you to our network and offer you the most flexible working schedule on earth,” says Foster. “Anyone with a kitchen and an artistic flair can contact us and get involved.”


“Our cookies are officially ‘Too Pretty to Eat’ according to CityBeat, but, please eat them anyway!” says Foster.


To learn more about Cookies Uncorked and see their amazing, new designs, visit, “like” them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or contact Foster at 513-608-6358.