Creating Board Games Like No Other

Creating Board Games Like No Other

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Gina Blatt started the new business Aim High Games with Daniel Skurow

Gina Blatt and Daniel Skurow are aiming high with their new business venture, Aim High Games.


Blatt, along with her brother, Skurow, are co-creators and co-illustrators of Aim High Games. They were both born and raised in Cincinnati and are Sycamore High School graduates. Blatt is a Mt. Lookout resident and has a Masters degree from University of Cincinnati. Skurow is a DAAP graduate and is currently a graphic designer and illustrator in San Francisco, CA. “Growing up we shared a love for board games and would often make up our own original games,” says Blatt.


Their latest creation that is the only potty training board game on the market, Let’s Potty, is a humorous and light-hearted way to begin the potty training conversation with a toddler. It is designed for a child to play with a parent, caregiver, or older sibling.


Let’s Potty! is a positive and encouraging introduction to the basic concepts of potty training and hygiene. Before parents know it, their child will be asking to use the potty like a “big kid.” “Let’s Potty! helps promote positive feelings about a sometimes difficult and frustrating process of potty training,” explains Blatt. The game includes a colorful board and a stack of beautifully illustrated cards – written in encouraging, easy language to read to the child. The child also can choose one of four character game pieces. It is made for children aged 20 months and up.


“I was inspired to develop a toddler board game after noticing many toddlers playing with iPads and iPhones. I feel that children today are given too much ‘screen time.’ I wanted to do an interactive and educational game relevant to this age group,” says Blatt.


After developing a prototype and testing it, the siblings realized that, as a side benefit, there has been a positive response from toddlers craving the one on one attention from parents, caregivers, or older siblings. All the while, helping with readiness and awareness for potty training. The outcome was the development of an educational product that teaches and reinforces potty training concepts while fostering social interaction skills.


On the horizon, the company plans to develop more educational and interactive games for children much like Let’s Potty! “Our goal is to have Let’s Potty! become a household name,” says Blatt. They are currently selling Let’s Potty! on Amazon and locally, at Ted’s Toy Store in Madeira.


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