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photo courtesy of Details2Decor / Ethel Bonner and Starr Rivers, owners of Details2Decor



Starr Rivers and Ethel Bonner met five years ago. They planned a fabulous 50th birthday celebration for a friend three years ago, and the party hasn’t stopped yet!


At the time, Rivers ran Starr Treatment, LLC, and Bonner ran Décor Plus, LLC. “After working together, we realized we just clicked – our skill sets are very complimentary,” says Bonner. “That’s why we’re the perfect marriage: Special event planning and decor at its best with Details2Decor,” adds Rivers.


Their mission is to provide full-service social and corporate events that empower, entertain and educate clients centered around their vision – the “Three Es,” as they call it.


Educational events help the Details2Decor team bring their Three Es to life. These events include their bridal classes in April through September. Their Spring Bling Series includes two classes: Breakfast & Bling and Tea & Tiaras. The Fall in Love Series also includes two classes: Bridal Beauty Basics and Wedding Dos and Don’ts. Details2Decor’s website has the scheduling details on these classes.


If you’ve ever planned an event, you know just how much time and work goes into making it successful from beginning to the end. So, why worry? For that special event or that big wedding day on your horizon, let Starr Treatment take care of the details and planning stresses. And, if you want impeccable décor and floral designs, let Décor Plus help you envision, enhance and enjoy the visual elements of your special day.


Details2Decor is located at the Sharonville Executive Center, 10948 Reading Road, in downtown Sharonville. The Details2Decor suite provides a relaxing office/work area, lobby/lounge area, conference area, small accessory boutique, floral/décor studio and classroom space.


Contact the Details2Decor team for a one-hour consultation where they get the opportunity to learn about you and your event needs. Call (855)323-4968 to schedule an appointment, email them at or visit Details2Decorfor more information on their services and upcoming events.


Watch the webcast below to learn more about Details2Decor.