Details2Decor Holiday Events

Details2Decor Holiday Events

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Ethel Bonner and Starr Rivers, owners of Details2Decor


Five years ago, Starr Rivers and Ethel Bonner met. They later teamed up to plan a friend’s 50th birthday celebration, and that’s when they realized they’d have a bright future together.


At the time, Rivers ran Starr Treatment, LLC, and Bonner ran Décor Plus, LLC. After working together, they discovered their complementary skill sets. “That’s why we’re the perfect marriage: Special event planning and decor at its best with Details2Decor,” adds Rivers.


Their mission is to provide full-service social and corporate events for clients that empower, entertain and educate – “the Three Es” as they call it. While the Details2Decor ladies help plan and excite their clients’ events, they also host several of their own entertaining and educational events, such as their upcoming “Stress Free Holiday Series.” Events in this series include:


Details2Decor is located at the Sharonville Executive Center, 10948 Reading Road, in downtown Sharonville. The Details2Decor suite provides a relaxing office/work area, lobby/lounge area, conference area, small accessory boutique, floral/décor studio and classroom space.


Want to learn more about the upcoming Details2Decor events or need help with planning an event of your own? Call (855)323-4968 to schedule an appointment, email them at or visit


Watch the webcast below to learn more about Details2Decor and their upcoming holiday events.

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