Diner en Blanc Cincinnati

Diner en Blanc Cincinnati

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Try to picture a chic flash mob picnic. Tough to imagine? Well then, you’ll just have to experience Diner en Blanc for yourself.

082514SOCIAL Candice
Candice Clark-Young, Co-host of Diner
en Blanc Cincinnati 2014


Diner en Blanc, an annual event held in cities all over the world, is coming back to Cincinnati for its third year on September 6. It first came to Cincinnati in 2012 and is being brought back once again this year thanks to organizers Candice Clark-Young and Drew McKenzie. “Diner en Blanc is happening throughout the world in many major cities,” McKenzie says. “Cincinnati is one of 14 U.S. cities participating in 2014.”


Each year, the event is held in a secret location that’s a complete surprise for guests. For this year’s Diner en Blanc, guests will enjoy entertainment from DJ French Ben and a celebration of the city and each other with a night in white under the stars, according to McKenzie.


Nearly 2,000 guests will attend Diner en Blanc Cincinnati this year, and tickets have been sold out since Aug. 11. “The 2014 Diner en Blanc Cincinnati event promises a new venue with a larger crowd, while featuring the same wonderful celebration of old friends and new,” McKenzie says. Guests who have attended the event before are guaranteed an invitation for the follow year. This is known as a Phase 1 invitation. When guests are filling out their RSVPs for the next year, they’re able to sponsor another couple, also known as a Phase 2 invitation. McKenzie says that others interested in attending can sign up for the waiting list – a Phase 3 invitation – although these table typically sell out in a matter of hours.


Drew McKenzie, Co-host of Diner en Blanc Cincinnati 2014

Everyone, of course, wears all white to this special event, and whether it’s rain or shine, the show goes on. Attendees also bring their own table setting, food and drinks.


The most thrilling part about Diner en Blanc is that the location is a secret, revealed to attendees a mere hour before the event begins. “When you don’t know where the location is, it makes it that much more exciting to attend,” McKenzie says. “Plus you get the opportunity to see a different part of the city that you may have never experienced before.”


If you want to be part of the fun next year, you can follow Diner en Blanc Cincinnati on Facebook or check their website for the announcement that includes the date of the event.