Everyday Inspiration: A Special Moment

Everyday Inspiration: A Special Moment

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To those of you who’ve so lovingly shared your minds, your time, and your hearts reading this column each week.


I wanted to tell you all how special it has been to write for you this past year. And for those who’ve shared your heart-felt thoughts and sentiments, thank you. I am grateful to have been of any service.


My thoughts go now to one of prayer that I’m asking you to be apart of. There is a passage in my life that is ending so that a new one can begin. Like all endings, this one comes with some grief, anxiety and fear of the unknown. I’m willing to embrace whatever is ahead; yet, I want to properly honor what I have just completed.


I’m embarking on an emotional time. One that will no doubt impact me personally emotionally and financially. One that will also impact my children, my relationships, and my living situation.


However, I do believe that when thoughts are concentrated into one area, vibrationally one can change or alter the outcome. So I’m asking for your thoughts of support for the best outcome for my family and I. Whatever happens, knowing that I have the resources to cope and gain the proper perspective. Knowing that whatever appears on the outside, it is up to me on how I will let it affect me on the inside.


Alone, I am like a single match being struck in a forest. But together, united, we are like a bonfire blazing strong and bright. It’s through all coming together that produces this kind of momentum and magnetism.


Most of us are what my friend calls, toxically self-reliant. We go into our own bubble of recluse, trying to do it alone. This is unnecessary and unwise. Our need for perfectionism keeps us from reaching out to others because it exposes our vulnerabilities and forces us to take off our mask. We are taught that it’s a sign of strength to show how independent we are, but I say it’s a sign of weakness.


“Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen


We are more than 7 billion people strong on this planet. We each have unique expressions that manifest into who we are to the outside world, yet underneath it all, we carry the same exact divine blueprint for life. We each developed from the same spark of life in the same exact way, being nourished by something greater that we never knew or questioned. Increasingly though, as we grew older, we learned to rely less upon what we knew from the beginning and learned more about replacing that with other beliefs.


I could slip into fear or self-reliance or anxiety. Yet none of these would serve me or, for that matter, You. As I face the unknown I vow to become better, not bitter. I vow to allow the Grand Plan to take over, to stop swimming upstream, denying and thinking I have to do it all alone. I am here to experience my life, come what may. Thinking I can run and hide is not living, it’s barely existing. As I face this week ahead, I will know that you are with me. We are never alone. Asking for help is the first step towards gaining what I need to take that leap of faith required for this task.


Are You Ready?


Jennifer Annenberg

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