Everyday Inspiration: All There is to do is to be Happy

Everyday Inspiration: All There is to do is to be Happy

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Dear Magnificent Ones,


Okay, yes, that sounds reasonable and very attractive. Being happy. Is it possible to believe that it’s the only thing we have to do? Doesn’t it seem like we are leaving behind a lot of other stuff we thought we had to do? Aren’t we taught that if it feels too easy then it isn’t worth pursuing? Aren’t we told to ‘go for the gold’? “No pain no gain”?


It feels as if we are giving up something valuable when we give up the struggle. Think about this for a second.


All strain and struggle comes from resistance. Yet, we pursue this as if our very existence and the way to become Real depends on it. We believe, if it was easy then it wasn’t worth it!! But why?


This becomes a problem when we want to feel happy, peaceful and content. You see, you can’t struggle to get these things. You cannot experience enough pain to achieve happiness and contentment. There is a fallacy in thinking that the more pain you endure, the more it earns you the right to have happiness in the future. This is the mindset: No pain, no gain. It also closely resembles the teaching dogma in most religions that states that in order to achieve enlightenment or a higher state you must suffer.


When you continue with this belief that suffering will deliver happiness, you may not realize that suffering delivers only more suffering. They match. Being stuck in suffering mode will only bring more suffering.


Happiness does not come from suffering. It is a completely different vibration, mindset and attraction point. If you wish to achieve happiness, then leave the suffering class and join the happy class. It’s like trying to learn how to sew by taking a dog training class. You are in the wrong course.


It’s amazing how much we say we want to experience qualities like love and happiness yet we actively keep them away. Take for example your every day interactions. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding at work, an argument at home or a terrible email. Time and time again we will align with the pain, hurt, anger and separation that we feel rather than with our True Nature; Wholeness, Trust, Connection, Non-Judgment and Completeness.


Oddly, we find comfort in resisting the voice that always wants our well-being and peace of mind. We have deeply rooted beliefs about feeling injustice and tallying up rather than letting go of the pain. We thrive on the pain. WHY? It perpetuates the belief that we are individuals in a dog eat dog world. We literally see so much evidence for this belief, we are self-destructive. We believe each one of us is on our own, an island. So it would be nearly impossible to change it, unless, of course, you knew that you could.


The more injustices we incur the more justified we feel to wallow in our own resentment. Tallying the hurt and defending ourselves from others. Seeing separation as a means of superiority. Thinking I can make it on my own, I don’t need you or anyone else.


There is a fear that you would be giving up a huge part of yourself when you apologize or smile at that person or just forget about it. But the only thing you are giving up is the PAIN. If that’s what you like, then please continue. Perhaps it’s working for you?


What if you simply started to be happy all the time? What if you let go of the resistance and insistence that everything be different? Do we just wake up every day and think it will happen? Or is it a choice we make continually? Could you allow it?


Could it be as simple as acknowledging that you are part of a bigger picture, not destined to go it alone. No matter what you may experience on a given day, someone else even on the other side of the world knows and feels the same pain. Pain is pain. Loss is loss. It doesn’t matter your age, location, or situation, there are others in similar situations who are right there with you. No one is alone. No one is an island.


We were not meant to be alone, nor were we meant to be here alone. Everything you do and consume was made possible due to the collective effort of hundreds if not thousands of your fellow earth inhabitants. Take filling up your gas tank or buying food from the grocery store. How many hundreds or thousands of fellow humans exchanged hands and energy getting this into your experience?


We were meant for relationships. We were meant for growth and evolution. We also were meant to be happy creatures interacting and enjoying the heck out of the experience.


Can you try and see with new eyes that the pain and suffering you hold onto is causing you suffering and isolation? Tallying wrongdoings and holding back is actually going against your True nature that yearns for Harmony and Connection. Do not fear that you will lose something valuable if you give up the struggle. Instead, realize you will lose something valuable if you don’t.


A happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people don’t allow the happy moment, because they’re so busy trying to get that happy life.


It’s not about chasing some elusive idea called a happy life. The happy life comes from being and experiencing each moment. The actual moments are the only real reality we can experience. It is these moments that offer the potential. It is now.


Are you ready?

Jennifer Annenberg

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