Everyday Inspiration: Believe It

Everyday Inspiration: Believe It

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Dear Unlimited Ones,


“When you were a child, did you need someone confirming you were a ballerina? Or did you just assume you could be what you wanted? And did you not put on a fluffy skirt and float around the neighborhood KNOWING you were a ballerina? You did not need anyone verifying you were a ballerina, you told them and they accepted such was true.” – Brenda Hoffman


I read a book when I was 19 years old called, “You’ll SEE it when you BELIEVE it.” It was written by Wayne Dyer and it literally changed my life.


“Of course, he gets it!,” I thought. All those dreams I have can manifest if only I BELIEVE it. I didn’t need anyone to tell me who I was or what was possible for me… Or did I?


Yet, like a lot of us, I had already been infected with a plague of thoughts and beliefs that told me otherwise. They continued to win. In order to be somebody in this world there was criteria, a list of prerequisites that you had to check off. I needed the outside world to validate who I was through a job, a degree, a marriage, children, etc. Or, all of the above. When I passed this test I would therefore be acceptable and viable. Yet my childish dreams would have to be put aside for the more serious business of life. Sound familiar?


This possibility ceiling was handed down to me that included a hybrid of other’s expectations and beliefs. I reassigned my dreams for the more Realistic goals of the world, and became another non-authentic version of a human Doing. What I thought, at the moment, was the right path for me was dismissed as childish notions. They didn’t make the grade. Therefore I didn’t make the grade. Something was wrong with me. I needed to live up to the world’s criteria to feel worthy.


My self-image could only be within the limits of what I believed I could do. I had to stay within these guidelines to feel okay. As soon as exceeded my possibility ceiling, I would have to sabotage my progress or else be forced to make an adjustment that would require me to change. Changing Me could lead to risking Everything changing.


I guarantee that most of us started out our lives without a possibility ceiling. As children we were supported and encouraged to use our imagination and creative abilities. We didn’t see the distinction between real life and imaginary life. That had to be pointed out. Until then, the two lives were blurred. We became what we imagined ourselves to be because we didn’t know we COULDN’T…yet. We didn’t know we were lacking the right stuff…yet. We didn’t know there were all these crazy rules that we were about to agree to and incorporate into our beliefs, and soon as our Truths.


What I didn’t realize was that the biggest obstacle was not believing in the dream but believing I was WORTHY of the dream. That’s why so many people fall short of the life they desire. We all have dreams. Dreams are fun and let’s face it, not hard to think of. We talk about our dreams of buying a boat or going around the world, yet our possibility ceilings have us trapped in our same old lives and same old ways.


When was the last time you examined your beliefs about how far you can go in this lifetime? How many times have we settled for what our parents did or just beyond that? We sort of plateau, for reasons we can’t quite figure out. Most of all we rationalize our life situation, saying we couldn’t ask for more. Why not? Are you not worth it?


Are you Ready?

Jennifer Annenberg

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