Everyday Inspiration: Ditch Anxiety, Supercharge Your Life!

Everyday Inspiration: Ditch Anxiety, Supercharge Your Life!

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Dear Companions of Life,


Did you know that you’re supposed to smile and be happy, even joyful, at times?


Would you believe me if I told you that you can smile and be happy even while enduring mundane or oppressive tasks? What if I told you that this was your natural state, the only one you knew when you came here. When you were a kid, you laughed and played and shifted easily into your joyful state. Even with the unpleasant tasks of getting your mouth wiped or falling down, these were just distractions that kept you from getting back to your normal, bouncy, happy state of joy. You had a natural inclination to see the moment as fascinating, curious, and wonderful. Your childlike awe allowed you to see things in a positive light. You had no judgments, only those that were handed down and given to you as teachings.


But, over time, you were infected with a virus. One that said you had to be more serious if you were going to survive in this world. One that said you can’t laugh that much if you’re going to be considered respectable. This virus grew and spread into many areas of your life. You may have tried to fight it, but eventually it won, putting restrictions on your ability to enjoy the pleasures in life. It created a ceiling on how much you could let go and still be considered normal. You were told that if it felt fun it probably wasn’t good for you. Eventually there was a distance created between how you innately began as a joyful being and how you changed as a result of this infection. Over time you were virtually unrecognizable.


Ever wonder why depression, anxiety and fear run so rampant? We forgot how to plug into our joy. We forgot it was an innate skill always at our disposal and with practice it can be reignited into its full glory. When was the last time you put fun on your to do list?


When did you see fun as the most important task you needed to accomplish today? When was the last time you omitted something or someone because it just didn’t seem fun enough? What are you here for?


This is the question that begs to be answered. Have you really bought into the notion that you are here for misery, drudgery, and pain? That is just one train of thought that was put into the world virus. ‘You have to be serious if you want to get ahead’, and ‘you have to grow up sometime’, among many others. Are you willing to examine your own thoughts?


Traffic, eating out, cooking dinner, driving, shoveling snow, grocery shopping. These are all day-to-day activities that we partake in with admittedly little or no joy. Why not? View them as you did as a child. Just imagine cooking dinner through eyes of wonder and awe of your little boy or girl self. Sound naïve? Sound uncomfortable? Because you are pushing against decades and decades of domestication. Isn’t it time you break free and start to be WHO and HOW you really want to be? You want to have an ice cream cone while cooking dinner? GO ahead!


Who’s stopping you? You are. You are the prisoner, the taskmaster, the judge and jury of your own divine life experience. You alone are limiting your joy quotient.


Go ahead and belt out your favorite tune while sitting in traffic, buy a super large warm cinnamon latte while grocery shopping, adopt 10 cats if it makes you smile!


I guarantee a happy, joyous you is a prosperous you. That’s the greatest gift you could EVER give to the ones you love. Learn to plug back into your joy. It’s the greatest contribution you could ever give back to the world. Because it’s a gift that keeps on giving long after you’ve left the interaction.


Are you Ready?



Jennifer Annenberg

As you take each step I will be there reminding you of your Magnificence, and I will continue to do so, until you are able to see it in yourself. © Copyright. Jennifer Annenberg Productions. 2013. All Rights Reserved. This publication may not be reproduced under any circumstances without the written consent of Jennifer Annenberg.


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