Everyday Inspiration: Don’t Fear! You’re Here!

Everyday Inspiration: Don’t Fear! You’re Here!

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Do you long to possess conviction? To make decisions with fearlessness and clarity?


Faith is a fear issue. Conviction and clarity come with acceptance of what (and who) you are.


You can’t mess up. You will always figure it out. You will always be okay. It makes no difference.


Even if you get on the wrong plane or marry the wrong person, at the end of the day you can always make a different decision. If you’re not committed to anything, then you are always looking for something better. It’s not as much a commitment issue as it is an issue of fear and self-worth.


Like looking at another thing simply in fear of doing something else wrong.


As if you’re afraid that you’re missing something, there is a knowing sense that you may have overlooked something and now need to exhaust all your options to find it.


It’s a perfectionism with no ceiling and thus is unlimited in its capacity to promote suffering and insecurity.


But, there is no such thing as perfection, no scenario will ever be perfect for life is always dynamic and changing. You must therefore accept the imperfect perfection.


Perfectionism does not allow you to be accepting of the moment because you think the moment could always be better. That your scorecard of life is not yet attained, or where it ‘should’ be by now in order to feel worthy.


Like when you are having a wonderful lunch with your beloved and you get annoyed that the service is too slow. This takes over and ruins the moment. This is insanity. You are living in the illusion that somehow your annoyance will fix or change the situation when, in fact, it is the very thing keeping you from experiencing it wholly and completely.


The only thing overlooked is the life that is right in front of you.


The only scorecard keeper is you.


Wanting everything and everyone, yourself included, to be perfect is an idea that you espoused all of your life. Now it’s time to undue it and give yourself back the freedom of Being who you really want to be.


The first step is awareness. Congratulations! You’re there now.


The next step is finding the will and conviction to accept and love, unapologetically, the Imperfect Perfection that is YOU.


Are you Ready?



Jennifer Annenberg

As you take each step I will be there reminding you of your Magnificence, and I will continue to do so, until you are able to see it in yourself. © Copyright. Jennifer Annenberg Productions. 2013. All Rights Reserved. This publication may not be reproduced under any circumstances without the written consent of Jennifer Annenberg.


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