Everyday Inspiration: Fashionable Living is a High Art

Everyday Inspiration: Fashionable Living is a High Art

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As you go about dressing up for this holiday season keep this in mind:


Understanding that we live in a world where seeing is not always believing, there is a moving vibrating reality most of which we cannot see. Yet it’s all there, everything from thoughts to physical objects, and they emit energetic frequencies that are unique unto themselves.


As conscious beings, we have the innate power to acknowledge the energetic components of whatever comes into our awareness. Yet, without putting our attention to an object, it does not exist.


This follows the law of physics which states energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is merely changed by the observer.


We are three-dimensional vibrational realities. Everything you think, feel, and put ONTO your bodies sends a clear message about who you are, whether unconsciously or consciously. This is felt by everyone you encounter and has the potential to be the most powerful force you possess. Our physical presence makes a huge impact. It’s a package that encompasses what is inside us and translates this into form onto the outside world. This is our presence. The essence of who we are. Each of us has a distinct unique blueprint in the symphony of life.


It’s about accepting and expressing that physical presence that longs and yearns to be expressed. And even though, we are composed of mind, body, and spirit, there is old wisdom that misguides us into thinking that one is better than the other.


At one time many believed that to be truly good or worthy was to disown the physical body and all its pleasures. We demonized the physical component of ourselves. Thus we felt guilty for enjoying our lives and the wondrous pleasures of the world. We bought into the belief that to focus time and attention on our appearance was frivolous and unnecessary. We downplayed an entire piece of ourselves, turning unbalanced as a whole.


To be truly whole one must surrender to the ALL parts of oneself with acceptance and compassion. Only by accepting ALL the parts of yourself, can you experience true freedom, peace, and contentment like never before.


You now can use your mind, soul, AND BODY to awaken to your true potential. It your physical presence, which can lift inspire and move those it comes into contact with when it comes into harmony with the other parts of you. This essence can be conveyed into the beautiful colors you wear, how you decide to wear your hair, how often your smile reaches the gleam in your eye. How about those fun pieces you have stored away for that special occasion. What are you waiting for? It’s just like your fine china, get it out now and use it or give it away to the people who will use it when you’re gone.


You are the peacock, the majestic butterfly who in its splendor, can spread its wings and accept its rightful place on the earth, unapologetically, without reservation, guilt or second-guessing.


You have the potential to lift others up and inspire greatness by the very presence you exude. You Radiate out an essence of wholeness, balance and happiness when in harmony with the totality of who you are. This experience can translate into form by how we present ourselves physically simply by how you choose to present yourself to the world. Then reminding others of their own potential to heal and accept the unloved parts of themselves.


When we tune into celebrating and expressing our divinity through our physical form we are capable of tapping into the wondrous pleasures of the physical world and all its creative forces. What you choose to put on your body has the power to radiate a Presence out like a three-dimensional billboard that can dazzle or dismay.


There may be old wounds or thoughts around our physicality that has us stuck. You may feel unworthy to own your light or that your image doesn’t measure up to some subjective cultural standard. Or you may feel it’s superficial to spend time on your looks at all. These are all ego thoughts that are designed to keep you small.


But you’re not small and we were not brought here to conform. We came here to express ourselves, to create and reflect the beauty that emanates from within. It’s a total package, one that should be free of judgment from YOU and the outside world.


Each one of us has a unique frequency to display in the song of life. How dull the symphony would be when we all try to conform to look the same. As uninspiring as a symphony with all the same notes!


We have been given a distinct opportunity to remember our divinity by simply reflecting it outward from ourselves. When our inside AND our outside match into a loving harmonious whole, we radiate an authentic powerful essence that has the potential to bring joy to yourself and others. So choose to showcase those dazzling eyes, put that flower in your hair or wear that amazing necklace!


Your body is a living canvas. Give yourself permission to rejuvenate it, to become the masterpiece it was meant to be! What you decide to paint on it will determine its benefit to society. Like anything that is whole, it is free to express and create.


Remember, you are divine, you are royal simply by birth. Take time to look at your self today. Send love to each and every part of yourself. Decide which parts you will celebrate just for having served you so well. Lovingly place objects that you deem worthy onto these places. Feel into the magic that happens when you transform the moment with your senses on full throttle. Imagine what it does for others who come into contact with you. Imagine the new potential for living that you possess.


Whether old or young, short or tall, you were perfect all along. By owning the totality of your existence, you can radiate the truth of who you are. This celebration of wholeness, joy and loving acceptance heals in ways you never knew possible. It will transform the places you go, and completely magnetize others, showing them the innate wholeness they too may have forgotten.


Are You Ready?

Jennifer Annenberg

As you take each step I will be there reminding you of your Magnificence, and I will continue to do so, until you are able to see it in yourself. © Copyright. Jennifer Annenberg Productions. 2013. All Rights Reserved. This publication may not be reproduced under any circumstances without the written consent of Jennifer Annenberg.


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