Everyday Inspiration: Get Rid of your Dead Weight

Everyday Inspiration: Get Rid of your Dead Weight

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Do you ever get annoyed by others? Feel stuck? Insecure, anxious, resentful? Whatever is pressing your button today allow me to offer a story that in it’s simplicity is profound. Hopefully setting you free from the oppressive chains that needlessly bind you each day.


A guru once walked along a path with his student who was angry at another student. The student asked, “How do I move on when my brother did something so terrible to me?” The teacher replied, “Pick up that stone”, pointing to a rather large, heavy stone. The student puzzled, did as instructed. “Now, throw it into the lake.” Whereas the student reluctantly hurled the stone into the lake.


The teacher then said, “That rock is only heavy as long as you choose to continue to carry it with you. When you let it go, it held no weight.”



How long do we continue to carry the burdens of others transgressions against us? We stockpile them like prized possessions to show how unfair others are treating us.


How heavy does this weigh us down and postpone our happiness and the ability to join in on the rest of our life?


It’s the same with events. When the dog barks, the file gets lost, the car breaks down, how long will you decide to carry these things? Dragging them from one day into the next. Perhaps competing with others about who has it worse, “Oh, you think you’ve got problems? Let me tell you mine!”


How hard would it be to simply throw something away, pass it by, or let it go? Moving on is an act of Compassion and Kindness to YOU so that you can be restored to your natural state of happiness and well-being. It is a way to open the door towards your freedom versus the job of stockpiling the wrongdoings of the day.


Allow yourself the gift of Peace by throwing away some of the rocks that are weighing you down. For a happier, better, higher way of living.


Are you Ready?



Jennifer Annenberg

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