Everyday Inspiration: Life-Changing Two Minutes

Everyday Inspiration: Life-Changing Two Minutes

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Many of us have been told about the nuances and benefits of meditation. I’ll admit meditation seems like a very daunting task. I mean, who has time? There are guidelines and ways to do it which make many of us pass for other things on our to do lists. Eventually it gets pushed down so low on the totem pole that it doesn’t ever get done. How could we make this seemingly beneficial experience more fun? More and more I hear that the benefits far outweigh anything that we can imagine.


Well I’m going to suggest a solution that I have been doing for some time now and has helped me tremendously. I’m going to be careful about what I call it because often the words we use automatically set us up for success or failure in actually using it. So, for me, it’s like focus time or me time with benefits. I borrowed the idea from Vishen Lakhiani, founder of MindValley, who actually uses this as one part in his five-part daily meditation series.


It’s about taking a few minutes in the morning to set an intention for your day.


So all you do is consciously create the tone for how your day will unfold. For example, I’m going to have an amazing nutritious breakfast, followed by a productive meeting with my coworker. I’m going to be able to do my grocery shopping efficiently and joyfully, my appointments today will unfold with grace and ease, I will have connected conversations with people, I see dinner with my husband and children as connected and nourishing, I will get restful sleep, etc.


Sound simple? Yes, but there‚Äôs so much more going on here. By actually visualizing and contextualizing desired outcomes, you are sending powerful messages out via your GPS system. Everyone has an inner compass that guides them on where to go and what to do. Yet, the directions become so much clearer when the destination is identified. Also, isn’t it a lot easier tackling one day at a time than having to think about some long-range goal somewhere in the future? Funnily enough, with daily practice, we actually become clearer and more efficiently guided towards those long-range goals, through identifying what it is that we want day to day.


Ever wonder why most days begin and end looking just like they did the day before? Perhaps it’s a call out to live more consciously. Not meeting your goals, wandering aimlessly or finding yourself going around circles means that you‚Äôre not sending a clear enough destination.


Sometimes I think setting five-year or three-year goals is, while productive, keeping us too far in the future. We need to live here. Right now. Today. Why not try focusing on your goals just for today?


“Each of us has a mission of some kind to fulfill at the moment we make the shift from Nowhere to NOW HERE.” ‚Äì Wayne Dyer


Next time you’re making your coffee or in the shower, see if it works. Try it for 21 days and watch your life change.


Are you Ready?



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