Everyday Inspiration: Nothing to Fix, Nothing is Broken

Everyday Inspiration: Nothing to Fix, Nothing is Broken

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Dearest Magnificent Ones,


Who do you think you are?


A man recently came to me with a very painful self-assessment of his life, asking what to change in himself and his life, I replied:


“There is nothing to fix. Nothing is broken. You are imperfectly perfect. The way you were designed to be.”


He paused, smiling. He wanted to take in the words so badly. He heard them and loved the way that they sounded but he could not own them. He had obviously decided to go with a version of himself that had so much guilt and shame associated with it that it was seemingly impossible to agree to a different version. One which would have potentially set him free.


In other words pain was a more familiar, and ultimately a more comfortable, path.


This is a choice we willingly make every day of our lives, one that impacts everything we do, everyone we encounter.


For how we see ourselves IS how we see the world. Our inside reflects onto the outside.


Therefore, if you believe you are a flawed person or rotten to the core, then many of your words, actions and experiences will be reflected by this state of mind.


Because of this belief, you may not take certain jobs, feel worthy of being around certain people, or even try new things, who knows?


But we were actually all born perfect lights. With minds that are fresh, filled with only the ability to love and see everyone the same, without pretense or judgment. When we were children, we knew what we needed because we listened to our instincts and guidance.


Unless someone disturbed us, we were at peace, content and happy. We felt worthy to cry and ask for what we needed.


Like learning how to walk or crawl. We never doubted we could do something despite the thousands of times we failed at it. We kept going because we believed we could. There was nothing to be fixed because nothing was broken of course!


It took quite a few years to “learn” or rather accept that certain things about you weren’t right or perfect.


You now have to take the time to examine what those imperfections are and what price you’re paying for thinking about them negatively.


The bottom line is this: can you look back on your life, filled with its ups and downs, failures and accomplishments, and believe that you are still the same perfect light underneath?


Why not?


There are only two choices to believe. Either whatever created you, whether it be God, the universe, or something in between, created a flawed, imperfect, corrupted person or…


You were born absolutely perfect.


Do you really believe that you alone are capable of dismantling and altering what is and always will be?


You cannot re-manufacture the core of who you are. You can certainly alter your mind and decisions through free will what it believes and what it doesn’t, but you can’t change the truth.


If you’re willing to listen it may not seem as far-fetched as it sounds.


In fact, if you simply observe your mind you could catch it in the very act of assigning beliefs, deceiving yourself into believing something that could be untrue. Like a magician performing a card trick, you know it’s a trick, yet you believe it. The entire performance is revealed later by showing you how it’s done, changing your perception and breaking the illusion in the process. I can see how two people perceive the same event quite differently, in this case the magician and the observer.


Yet the Truth was always there, it always existed. You just weren’t able to see it until then.


You only need to watch the sun rise, move across the sky and set to realize that your perception is not valid. It is not the sun moving, it is you turning with the earth. When night comes and you can no longer see the sun, this doesn’t mean it’s gone. The sun is always shining. You just can’t see it.


What if you have been perfect all along? What if all these experiences that you think made you bad or wrong, really didn’t alter you one bit underneath?


What if, for one instant, you can believe how you were when you came into this world is Still how you are today and will always remain? If only you would realize it!


Can you trust in something that you cannot see but know is there?


Doesn’t the sun forever shine regardless if you see it or not? Could it really be that everything you have ever searched for has been there all along inside of You? Perhaps it takes a commitment inward.


Your Perfection is like the sun on a cloudy day. It’s still there you just can’t see it. Make today a sunny day.


Are you ready?

Jennifer Annenberg


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As you take each step I will be there reminding you of your Magnificence, and I will continue to do so, until you are able to see it in yourself.


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