Everyday Inspiration: Ready to Wave the Clouds Away?

Everyday Inspiration: Ready to Wave the Clouds Away?

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Dear Magnificent Voyagers,


What to do when you lose momentum? When you look around and all you can see is the stuff that bogs you down, the things that you know are keeping you from accomplishing your goals. All the unnecessary tasks, negative people, and terrible things that happen in the world.


It just makes you want to quit.


I have been taking yoga for 16 years now and my teacher still reminds us that where our eyes go is where our head goes. We are so busy always looking everywhere, finding it impossible to focus our attention even for the 60 minutes the class takes. So our heads bob all over the place, misaligning our entire bodies, being reminded that what we focus on is what the result of our experience will be.


The same principle applies to all kinds of things like tennis or driving a car. When I took tennis lessons, the teacher always reminded me to watch my eyes. Wherever they go, the ball will go and so will the car. In other words, where you put your focus on is what the result will be.


This is the way it is in life. Where you put your attention is where your life goes. So wherever you focus your attention is what you will see. When you focus on the negative, you will surely see the negative, that’s the way it works. But then the opposite is also true of course. When you focus or look for the positive, you will surely find it. It will be visible.


I want you to try an exercise that I was given when in a group setting. The teacher told us to pick a number or a color first thing in the morning that we wanted to see. No matter how crazy or rare, he guaranteed we would see it. And of course, by picking for example, turquoise or the number 44, we were all able to see that on buildings, cars, clothes, etc. all day long. When you decide to focus on something, that’s what shows up in your life. Where you put your attention on is where your life goes.


Yes, there will always be suffering in the world and terrible things happening around us. It’s appropriate to be compassionate. Yet there will also always be uplifting, exhilarating, amazing things happening as well. Both at the same time. Where will you decide to focus your attention?


Love is all around you. People are innately good. There is an extraordinary amount of kindness, generosity, and goodwill in the world we live. You may just need to readjust your focus to see it.


Want to contribute? Want to make a difference? Want to bring your gift or message or product into the world? There is magic in focusing on the positive things that are going on in your life. Bring yourself to these things that are happening in front of you, where you are Right now. To what you currently are doing. No matter how you judge the current moment as not measuring up, as not where you want to be, how to be, or the way it’s supposed to look. Looking at the positive will to transform the moment from ordinary to extraordinary.


Start to make this your focus.


Every moment has a silver lining. Are you willing to see it? Your ability to see it is a choice available for you at every moment.


You are the only thing the world has been waiting for. Stop focusing your eyes on everything else. The prize has always been you. Focus on what inspires, moves, and takes you to the place you want to be!


Remember G-U-R-U stands for: Gee yoU aRe yoU!


Are You Ready?



Jennifer Annenberg

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